Sunday, May 18, 2008


Now before I show you the feature of this post... before you start commenting about how "fast" I knit, you must know that it's simply not true. The reality is that I've been working hard at perfecting the technique of flying under the radar as a homemaker.

A few examples:
1) This is dinner.

No tricks, no special spices, and no magic recipes. When it's time to eat, I'll simply open all the packages and dump then in a big bowl for a perfect hot evening meal of Chinese Chicken Salad. Oui-La.

2) As long as I manage to keep drawers full of clean underwear and towels for my husband and clean baseball uniforms for my boys, nobody pays much attention to the laundry. I mean, it's not like any of the kids are going to change their underwear, or even their clothes for that matter, unless I remind them. As long as toothpaste and toilet paper continue diminish I figure we're in pretty good shape. (Remember... all boys.)

3) As it happens, I'm supposed to be resting for the last week or so anyway. Well, not technically, but I'm sure it was the doctor's intention when he prescribed pain medication for some abdominal discomfort I've been having. I mean, if you're taking pain pills, clearly you should be resting... and I know for a fact that I shouldn't be operating heavy machinery. Do you have any idea how heavy a washer or dryer is?

4) Since we are approaching the end of our school year, I really want the children to be focusing on working independently. It's important that they learn just what they can accomplish on their own. Of course, since they tend to get extremely boyish during lesson times, I need to sit nearby and be available to supervise.

5) Lastly, our temperatures have been in the high 90s for the last couple of weeks. Due to my extreme intolerance/phobia of such heat, it's necessary that I stay within 3 feet of the air conditioning unit in our living room at all times. Fortunately, I have 5 children to take care of many of those pesky household chores that need to be done outside this 3 foot radius.

So, as you can see, I am not all that fast or talented... just really good at doing the least that is required of me without arousing dissatisfaction or suspicion. (I say this with some trepidation as I know DH visits my blog. However, I feel fairly confident that it is merely an obligatory visit as I can't imagine he wants to "listen" to me talk anymore than he already does. I guess I'll find out though won't I?)

All that said... I present Scarlett from Jane Ellison's Noro Joy pattern collection.

Noro Scarlett

Noro Matsuri - Color 02: 8 balls
Knit Picks Options: Sizes 6 & 5
Size: 32"

A bit of steam will surely calm the excess curling on the borders, but you couldn't get me within 10 feet of a hot iron today!

Noro Scarlett

I'm glad I chose the smallest size as this yarn has quite a bit of stretch. It is absolutely wonderful to knit with; the only downside being some slightly thicker sections in a couple of balls.

Noro Scarlett

This was a real emotional challenge for me since I knew from the beginning that color matching was not going to be an option. I was going to have to knit and wear a sweater with different colored fronts and non-matching sleeves! But it's NORO, I told myself. I can do it! And I did.

And I'm very glad that I did. The finished sweater is cheerful, soft, and lightweight. Even more incredible... it fits! Another knit that will certainly be seeing the outside world. Hooray!

PS... This post would not be complete if I did not tell you that DH just ran out the door after a phone call from Middle Son who just happened upon a rattlesnake eating a squirrel. He is not alarmed mind you... just wants to see it. If we're lucky, we'll get pictures! Oooooh!

Sing to me A/C unit... sing.

ETA: Oh boy... Fun for the whole neighborhood. Oy.


Can you see why clean laundry is at the bottom of my list of concerns?


Charity said...

Tammy, you look really great in this! The sweater is fantastic, and such a great colourway for you! :0) And you really are a super fast knitter.

Good Yarns said...

The sweater is gorgeous on you! I am so very impressed. Two awesome sweaters in one week. My hats off to you!... and the snake is insane.

Good Yarns said...

I also just have to put it on record; your tactics for continuing to knit under homemaking, homeschooling conditions is bordering on evil genius.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

)DarcyI love this sweater wowzers;

Heather said...


Maria said...

Congratulations!!! You won. Actually, you're making me want to knit something other than lace. That sweater is awesome1

km said...

I hope you wore this to church this morning. At least ours always has the A/C cranked. I should share a recipe with you. Chicken tortilla soup. Open a bunch of cans...dump them all in a crock pot...serve with toppings if you want. Dinner makes the house smell great. But, you'll only be needing soup when the temperature changes.

Marylu said...

Another beautiful sweater. You are so talented and creative - especially how you avoid the housework and cooking duties. I want to be like you when I grow up!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Olga said...

hee hee-love your cooking- a true gourmet!

Sarah said...

That sweater is great on you! I like the mismatched colors- it really works.

I had this weird abdominal pain forever. After a million tests coming up fine we discovered it's transferred back pain! Who knew! I had a massage and wow! it hurt on front! Glad to find the source- I hope you're feeling better soon!

Go hug that A/C. I love mine much more than I should.

Lydee said...

The sweater is beautiful, I love the colors! Love the snake stories, they crack me up.

Yarnhog said...

Oh, boy, so much to comment about! First, the concept of washer and dryer as heavy machinery is inspired! Stoves and ovens are really, really heavy, too--and I know from personal experience that the enameled, cast iron kitchen sink weighs about 200 pounds. Just think of the possibilities!

Second, the sweater is absolutely gorgeous. I am a slave to color matching, which means all of my Noro projects have been nightmares. But, wonder of wonders, I love the way yours doesn't match! I think it's because the colors are all soft and related. It's not jarring.

Third, we had a rattlesnake incident in our neighborhood last night. It took four men (one of them a vet), a bb gun, and a machete to dispose of the creature. You'd have thought they'd just brought down a woolly mammoth. (I refrained from mentioning that I took care of the one in our yard with a bucket and a shovel--and considerably less fuss--all by my little self.)

knittinwolf said...

Love the Noro sweater...sooooo beautiful! Ug to the snake! I'm having tummy trouble too...hope you feel better soon. Hugs

Auntie Pudentaine said...

Oy! Not those pesky snakes again! How do you stand it?

Anonymous said...

I presume you have a snake bite kit on hand?

I must honestly say I didn't completely care for the pattern when I saw it, but seeing this on you, has completely changed my mind. Fantastic!!!

Oh, and thanks for all your secrets about how to be a fast knitter. Love it!