Sunday, August 20, 2006

Green Gable
Pattern from Zephyr Style
Knit with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
I wore my finished (Blue) Green Gable for the first time today. I loved wearing it as well as knitting it. Of course DH got quite a kick out of my modeling (or lack thereof) for the camera since I usually refuse to have my picture taken.
Diagonal Front Jacket
Pattern from Debbie Bliss Home
Knit with Debbie Bliss Cotton DK
This was an interesting knit. It is knit all in one piece except for the arms. It was fine at first as the body was taking shape with increases and short rows but after a while... whew... it took real determination to keep going with the repetitive pattern and the 100% cotton yarn. Turns out that the rumors are true and cotton is not the most pleasurable substance to knit with.
But I love the finished sweater! Perfect for a cool summer/fall evening... now we just need to have one!

And here is D, my dear 7yos, thrilled beyond belief to be making his internet debut. He's wearing the first sweater I ever knit. It was knit out of some cheap acrylic yarn but from a great Knitting Pure & Simple Pattern. He begged for this sweater, a sweater with a hood knit in colors he picked!

However, something about the way it hangs bugs him (yeah - he said that) so he's worn it a total of ZERO times. Yet, when he saw the pictures on my blog last night, he was quick to grab it for a modeling session. His day has been made.


Lynda said...

Your Green Gable is perfect! I have that same Cotton Fleece started in a sweater I'm not wild about - maybe I'll frog it and do this instead!

Rachel said...

Your Green Gable turned out great!!
I love that blue you picked!