Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stich, Pitch, and Rusted Root

Thursday night, we attended the 1st Annual Stitch and Pitch night at Dodger Stadium. How cool... hundreds of knitters all gathered together knitting under the stars (okay, more like bright stadium lights). It was like walking into a party where I immediately felt like I fit in (and believe me... this never happens)! Women in beautiful handknit sweaters and socks clicking away at colorful yarns draped on their needles. It was a sea of color and fiber... a wonderful sight to be sure. But alas, our seats were elsewhere... on the second level behind home plate, which pleased our husbands and sons immensely. But us girls... we were a tad disappointed... but still had a great time. We did make a hike up to the Stitch n Pitch section to visit and even managed to scavenge one of the leftover Dodger Knitting Totes full of goodies which we immediately descended upon like birds of prey to divvy up the goods. (Those knitters are good folk I tell you.)

Since I had whipped out a sportweight sock in a mere 2 days last week, my goal was to see how much of the 2nd I could finish at the game but between children, gabbing, hiking and, well, the nearby, ahem, beverage stand... I only got a few rows completed. Then there was my overly enthusiastic, foam finger waving, very hungry son sitting in front of me who jumped up and down with great energy throughout the game only to run up to me at the end and exclaim with a big grin, "Who won Mom, who won?!?" For some, it's all just about the experience. (Can you guess who?)

But socks have been cast aside since my yarn arrived for the new Rusted Root pattern from Zephyr Style which I'm even doing in the suggested yarn and color... Cotton Fleece in Sedona Red. I even splurged and ordered their super cute Bossy Markers which are not only fun, but actually a great help. The only change I plan on making is to the sleeves. The puffy sleeves are a nice touch but I'm more of a plain sleeves person. (Every time I say "puffy", I think of Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt he had to wear. Hee hee hee.)

Well, I better get some housework done so I can do some guilt-free knitting later. Oh and as for books... almost through E.E.'s Discipline and have started Mission of Motherhood. Good motivational reading.


I love a Good Yarn said...

Whatcha doing with your malabrigo? I've got the itch.

rachel said...

OOH! I can't wait to see Rusted Root with a different sleeve. It's always fun to see how peopel modify to fit there own personal style. And how great that you snagged a set of bossy's to help you along the way!