Monday, August 07, 2006

Home sick with books and yarn

Sorry friends... I know I promised some pics soon but one of my little germ carriers infected me with his latest affliction and I have spent the last few days with some sort of flu that totally kicked my butt. Let's just put it this way, on Saturday, I was too sick and tired to knit! Yes... I felt that bad. Sunday was a bit better and I actually was sick enough to get away with doing nothing all day but well enough to knit... and knit I did! I finished the top half of a lacy, cable knit sweater made of Gedifra Top Soft and over 1/2 a sock! The Top Soft is a wonderful silky viscose and the pattern is fun but boy does Gedifra keep instructions to a minimum! I've seen longer instructions for plain sleeves on a simple knit-in-the-round top than they have for this whole sweater! Apparently those Italians are skillful knitters... or... maybe they think we Americans are... hmmm.

Today brought some cheer with deliveries from both Amazon and JoAnns! The Amazon treats included
Knitting on the Edge, which is just fun to look at and totally inspires me to get creative and move beyond basic ribbing for borders, and One Skein. I love this book! It has some very adorable and practice patterns, inlcuding scarves, baby items, hats, purses and more all made from ONE skein! Seriously - 1 skein Blue Sky Cotton scarves and baby jackets! It also has some great patterns for using up scrap yarn. JoAnn's brought some TLC Cotton Plus - which I love, especially for kids - but the colors didn't match quite like I'd hoped and I'm losing interest in the original pattern I'd intended it for so it got put away in frustration until I can come up with something else (some day friend).

I also received Stepping Heavenward from Amazon to add to my stack of more spiritually inspirational books. I've currently been reading through Elizabeth's Elliot's Discipline - a very intelligent, straight-forward presentation of a biblical view of self-discipline. This is one I'll need to re-read again and again... some hard lessons to learn. (It's even inspiring me to contentedly avoid (excessive) yarn aquisition until I've knit through some of what I have - wow, what a powerful book!) I've also just started Sally Clarkson's Mission of Motherhood which I'm expecting to be full of encouragement and wisdom as her work usually is. I'm desperately trying here to keep focus and expand my current yarn-obsessed mind. (Of course Needled to Death is on my nightstand as well... gotta keep in touch with my lighter side.)

On a motherhood note, today when 12 yos asked 3 yos what he was going to do when he grows up, he quickly replied, "Marry KayKay". (KayKay is his absolutely adorable friend since birth.) Further research revealed that I am his intended source of income and he plans to live with his in-laws... there ya go Andee. Of course I'm sure you're not going to be one of those overly attentive and involved MILs... right? Nah... not you.


Wendy said...

Hey, sorry you're not well! I was going to say that I'll probably be at our LYS tomorrow, so if you're up to it, we may run into each other.

I love a Good Yarn said...

I can't believe you were not even able to knit. That is really sick! Did you go to the LYS?