Monday, August 14, 2006

Sweater Neglect

Boy, I'm not finishing anything these days but socks. I just finished the pair of All Things Heather in sportweight Golden Plum that I started last week (a new record for me) and I can't wait to cast on the newly rolled ball of Lorna's Laces Seaside that is waiting in my basket... or should I start with the bright summery Daffodil LL that's next to it. Hmmm... then there's the other LLs upstairs, along with some beautiful Cherry Tree Hill and stunning new Socks that Rock ... all on top of a few balls of Regia, Trekking in turquoise, and the great Opal patterned yarns I picked up on e-bay last winter (when I so cleverly bid on several balls, hoping that I'd get at least one. Cleverly... and costly... I won 5 of the 6). I'm pretty sure I don't want to wait for the new STR yarn that's coming in the mail in a few days (new color - Lucy - beautiful browns and blues). Yep, pretty sure it will be Seaside (earthy browns, khaki, navy, turquoise and white) ... a little above the ankles, maybe with a lacy or cabled pattern. I'm totally hooked!

In the meanwhile, I'm trying not to neglect my other patient WIPs... I work at least a few rounds or cables on one of the 3 tops that are sharing my couch-side basket each day (I'm loving Rusted Root by the way). But I'm really content with my socks at the moment. Don't worry beautiful sweaters... I'm easily bored and led astray... I'll be back.

BTW - I actually started a Mason-Dixon dishcloth last week. While I love both the MD book and blog, I was convinced that dishclothes would never be on my knitting agenda. (Remember how I felt about socks.) But then I noticed some much used, much loved ones at a friend's home. She loved them and said how special they were to her. Sounded like a good enough reason for a trip to Michael's $1 sale and a quick knit to me. However, there's only time in my life right now for socks and the much desired, too-expensive-to-be-neglected-forever sweaters. I wish I would have found dishclothes earlier in my knitting days before I knit about 5 dozen scarves. I would've really enjoyed them then... and then my friends would have a stash of something way more useful than a closet full of fun fur scarves. This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy the dishcloth pattern I started. I did... and they are definitely now on my knitting agenda... for sometime... later...

So, glad I'm tired and kept this short tonight. Oy, to be able to keep something short.

Julie... are you ready to take the plunge... dpns and socks???? Ya don't know what you're missing!

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