Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just Picture It...

Well, I just went through the ordeal of slipping my Rusted Root off the needles and onto some scrap yarn so I could try it on. I love it! I'm so excited with the way it's coming out and the fit. Of course I ran to get my handy camera to snap a photo but guess what? The battery was dead... of course it was... apparently the handy little camera needs to be recharged occasionally. But see I'm learning 'cause at least now I'm not trying to figure out where the battery is to replace it... I only need to find the plug to re-charge it! Woo-hoo. Optimism baby.

And Mom, I know you're wondering why I would be working on anything else besides your much belated Mother's Day/Birthday (maybe Christmas) gift now that I've finally found the matching ribbon... but with this horrible sinus thingy going on I could only sit and do mindless knitting. There was no way I could attempt to stand over a blocking board, then configure and seam a poorly diagrammed, but very lovely, Debbie Bliss top.

Oh and as for the Rusted Root... you'll just have to take my word for it. It looks fabulous, simply fabulous. And the new Socks that Rock yarn I got over the weekend, lovely browns & blues, really!

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