Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sock Rave... and dismay

Well, the beautiful Lorna's Laces Seaside made it on to my new size 0 (I knit a bit loose) Knit Picks DPNs. I wanted to try something a little different (but not too difficult) so I picked out a lovely Openwork Rib from my always handy, entirely essential Sensational Knitted Socks book. I contentedly knit round and round and round stopping occasionally to admire the texture of the pattern and colors. I knit in the waiting room and right through my son's doctors appt... I don't think I ever even looked up at the doc as he explained to me that my 14 yos foot was most likely not broken but the swelling and pain indicated a sprain or similar injury and he should stay off of it for at least a week. Did I mention that it first started hurting when he jumped off the roof of the local high school about a month ago? Or that he's been playing football since 3 days after the injury? Or, most noticeably, that the pain seems to only really interfere with those major activities like doing the dinner dishes and taking out the trash? However, the swelling was real and I thought if it was fractured and we ignored it, I'd get another black mark against any hopes I have of that allusive Mother-of-the-Year award. Additionally I figured that a cast would keep my 95 pound quarterback off the field of 150 lb linemen, and, I'll admit, I thought that maybe strong words of warning from a professional would convince my son and overly enthusiastic husband that he needs to take a break. Yeah - right. I guess we'll just have to count that hour that he sat still in the docs office today as his time off.

Oh, the sock, yeah, back to the sock... after delivering the boys to football, I returned home and immediately whipped out the sock and continued in rounds. For some reason I suddenly became concerned with the pattern and the size so I slipped all 2.5 inches of it on my leg for a look. Yikes! Stretched out on my leg, the beautiful sock became a mockery of stitches. Tiny stitches of vibrant colors blasting at me in all directions... it was... it was... awful. How could this be? Sadly I began the frogging... back to the beginning. I'm going to do this one plain and simple, straight stockinette. It was looking much better but boy those colors were vibrant... in a good way, just much more so than I originally thought. At some point in the midst of my knitting and cooking I realized that everything was different. And then it hit me, actually they hit me, my glasses slipped. I never wear my glasses (although apparently I should). And then I remembered that when I got home and sat down to knit, the light had seemed dim and the stitches quite tiny so I had pulled out my glasses that had been neglected for months and set them in place. Then I froze, had I frogged a perfectly good sock? (Doubtful) Or should I avoid looking at all of my previously knit finished items with my glasses? Most likely.

New rule... keep glasses in knitting bag at all times... and most importantly, USE them!


I love a Good Yarn said...

2nd new rule...take your glassess off before looking at other knitter's work! Any favorites on sock yarn right now? Lorna Laces?

pdxkatie said...

I live in a house of boys too - trying to keep all the essentials in my knitting bag is my challenge as well!