Friday, December 28, 2007

Family, Football & Greenjeans

In spite of my pre-game anxiety, we all had a fabulous time yesterday. It's always great to see our Texas family. They are so fun-loving and wonderful to be around.

My boys absolutely adore their cousins... and their cousins always have unlimited patience and love to share. Of course, a chance to try on a real game jersey before the game was priceless.

D might need to grow into it a bit.

We rode in an elevator with Kirk Herbestreit, a college football broadcaster (I know... you are so jealous now), high fived the Longhorn team as the boarded their buses, and sat 14 rows off the field in the family section at the game! My boys were in heaven! Of course, winning was pretty great too.

Earlier this week, we enjoyed Christmas with my family. We played games.

If you enjoy video games at all... and enjoy laughing with your family and being a bit of a goofball, you've got to try Guitar Hero!

Everyone pitched in with the cooking.

Santa's helper here is my sister...
and the happy recipient of my Mrs. Bluejeans.

Knitty's Mr. Greenjeans by Amy Swenson
3 hanks of Fiesta Boomerang in Wild Oak
Knit Picks Options sizes 6 & 7
Size: Small

Modifications: I did the bottom ribbing with the larger needle instead of going down a size as suggested.

Overall, I like the sweater but I did run into a couple of problems with the pattern. Even though I chose a size that should've had plenty of ease and my gauge was right on, the fit was quite snug; not at all like the pictured example. I also found that continuing with the larger needles was necessary in order for the ribbing to hang like I wanted. I only mention these things because I've seen similar concerns popping up elsewhere (so I know it's not just me).

If you knit this, I just encourage you to consider the fit you're looking for, measure accordingly, and try on frequently. In the end, the finished sweater looks fabulous on my sister. Hopefully I'll have a picture of her in it soon.


Michelle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your sis' sweater looks awesome!

Auntie Pudentaine said...

With three teens in the house and always hanging out with highschool aged kids via Young Life....oh, yeah!! I AM a rockstar! I can only put down my needles for my guitar!

passingdowncrazy said...

Greenjeans is awesome, even if you ended up giving it away. Glad you enjoyed an amazing Christmas with family. It doesn't get any better than that!

Angelika said...

I see you got lots of things going on. Enjoy the family.

Laura said...

Ahh, the family photos are great! And Greenjeans is gorgeous - I'm sure it looks even better on your sister!

Yarnhog said...

Your Greenjeans is awesome! I haven't been inspired to make it until now, but after seeing yours, I think I just might!

Donna Boucher said...

This is just fantastic, Tammy!!!
My boys would have been in heaven too. So glad to hear and see you had a wonderful time.

I think I see a bag of knitting in the group shot!!!!

Your sister is very pretty :o)

amanda said...

Greenjeans looks great! Glad you had a nice time with your family.

Happy New Year!

~Kristie said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas. Your sisters sweater looks great, but sorry about all the troubles.