Monday, December 03, 2007


Lately, I am finding myself inexplicably drawn to scarf knitting. Of course, handknit scarves are beautiful. They are, however, things I neither need nor tend to wear. Oh well, they always make a great gift right?

I am finding myself soothingly contented with this Easy Flame Scarf, although mine is more of a Grapevine Scarf because of the color. The Malabrigo and the pattern seem to be the perfect match. I must admit that the bamboo needles are a nice change of pace as well. (And mind you, I rarely feel soothed or contented for long... "antsy" would be a much better word.)

But how about a beaded scarf? Gotta try it. (BTW- Any tips on stringing the beads?? I assume I wind the yarn first. I'm picturing plucking scattered beads out of my carpet for months to come.)

And sadly, I guess I must confess... I'm a follower. I couldn't resist knitting my own Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I cringed when I noticed on Ravelry that almost everyone seemed to be using the same two colors of Socks That Rock... where's the creativity? So after ordering a couple to check out, I'm choosing to do mine in Farmhouse and Watermelon Tourmaline...

just like everybody else.

In my defense, I will say that it's hard to match up colors from little internet swatches... even after many hours of trying. Many hours.

So there's a glimpse of my intentions... which is by no means an accurate representation of what will actually don my needles in the weeks to come.

In the meanwhile, I am trying to get in the mental mode for Christmas. I'm feeling a bit Grinchy however as I adjust to a month of re-runs and pine tree allergies. (Yes, I'm allergic to Christmas trees. How fun is that?) And the thought of getting through a whole month on The Amazing Race alone... shudder.

I'm hoping that some fun knits and this book I picked up will help. A narrated version would be great, but I really don't need it. I can just hear the voice as I read.


passingdowncrazy said...

Last time I strung beads, I took some fishing line, made a loop, and tied a knot in it. Trim just above the knot and thread the yarn through the loop. String beads to your hearts content. I'm making the Katherine Hepburn cardi with beads. Every time I hit a knot in the skein, I have to restring beads. I only think naughty words though!

Lynda said...

When I used beads, I added them one at a time when needed with a crochet hook. I preferred this to stringing, and supposedly it's easier on your yarn than having the beads strung. Just a thought/alternative.

The colors for your Chevron scarf are pretty!

Angelika said...

Have fun with the chevron scarf. We all did it, now it's your turn ;)

sophanne said...

Is there any stitch pattern that DOESN'T work with Malabrigo???

uberstrickenfrau said...

Hey- I started the Gunseller a long time ago- I can't remember if I finished it- or the plot! I picked it up cuz of ol' 'House' wrote it.

Laura said...

I tried to read The Gunseller a few months ago, but quit after about 40 pages. You'll have to review it after you finish it and let us know it it's worth trying to read (again).

mom said...

I've been told that scarves are you are right in fashion with your current projects!

And gee, scarves are about the only thing I can knit...I can knit something fashionable for a change...hehe!

Tammy ~@~