Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Stocking

This stocking was lovingly made by my own hands for my 2nd boy Travis about 10 years ago. I found the ready-to-cut material at the local JoAnn's and was immediately overcome with the need to make special keep-forever stockings for my boys. I'm not sure how many children I had at the time as those years are a bit of a blur but I know I got enough for 4 stockings and a tree skirt.

My oldest boy already had a stocking so I started with Travis and planned to work through the rest of them over time. I added batting and lining and carefully hand stitched along all the little black lines adding buttons and bells to dress it up. In spite of my amateur efforts at making an heirloom, I have always loved this stocking. I also adore my matching tree skirt. It's only been partially hand stitched and I've long since given up the notion that I'll finish it... but it serves its purpose.

The problem is... this stocking looks a bit sacred hanging in the midst of a row of plain red and white fuzzy stockings. "Oh... look... here's Travis' stocking," moans the one who happens to unpack it each year. And now that my oldest is 15, he's not so easily swayed by the special puffy moose stocking that used to be his. It's becoming a bit like Joseph's coat of many colors, and since I hate the thought of Travis being resented for the rest of his life because of my laziness, it's clear that something must be done.

Now I still have the fabric. Somewhere. But I think the best solution is obvious.

I need to knit stockings for the rest of the boys... and DH. If I start right after the holidays, I'll only need to knit one every couple of months. I think I'll start with the youngest two since they are not only missing stockings but also missing cross stitch birth announcements and baby books. Then again... if I don't start with my oldest... well, I do want him to have it before he leaves home.

So there it is. 5 stockings - 1 year.
Oy... I'm feeling overwhelmed already.


km said...

You can do it...not really more stitches than a regular sock...just thicker yarn and bigger needles. We have knit stockings that my Gram made. Mine is 32 years old...and she made one for M when he joined the family...then one for each of the kids. So thankful that I'm not responsible. There is one XL stocking the kids are fighting over this year though. She used the same pattern...but worsted instead of DK. OOPS. Years ago I wouldn't have known what caused that. It's so fun to have these especially now that she's gone.

Ok...and my #3 didn't even get a birth anouncement at all...let alone cross-stitch. And the last time I had her to have her photos taken at a studio was just before she learned to she's 2 1/2. I think the kids are better off being loved everyday...than worrying about the stuff like photos, announcements, and stockings.

Auntie Pudentaine said...

Yippee, you're back!!

Do you have a sewing machine? I would cheat it and do a nice basting stitch for as much of the black as possible. Boys especially don't look all that closely (nor care too much in my experience) and you could get them done done done!

Yarnhog said...

Oh, I SO want to be around at this time next year, when you are frantically trying to finish up stocking number 5 (or, uh, 2) before Christmas! Not that I lack faith in you or anything, but I still have my kids' baby books--in their original packaging, unopened.

Mamma said...

So glad to hear I'm not the only mother whose younger children are completely getting shafted (no baby books, no birth announcements, no professional pictures). I figure someday they will have children of their own, and then they will understand and forgive me. That is a lovely stocking. Good luck knitting the companion stockings.

Donna Boucher said...

We have a whole menagerie of Christmas Stockings too.

Katie's is a felted green one. I like it a lot.
You might try that.

Merry Christmas and I like the idea of our children forgiving us for our imperfections.
(Says the mother who only has two of her children on the Christmas card :o)

Love to you all!