Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shi Bui Heaven

No time to write. Must keep knitting!

The Shi Bui Knits yarn is amazing... squishy, squooshy, and soft with deep, intense color. Be-a-u-ti-ful! (It's taking all my self-control to not go buy a couple hanks of each color!)

And the pattern! Interesting, addicting, and (for me) a bit challenging. Still trying to find my fair isle "style". Thank goodness for online knitting help videos!
More later...


Angelika said...

Interesting gloves you are making there. You are doing a nice job on them.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my!
These....are just gorgeous.

Laura said...

Wow! That looks complicated and very pretty!

5elementknitr said...

Can you send me the links to those fair isle help videos? I'm also making up my own style and it's... less then efficient/perfect.

Ruth AT 5elementknitr DOT com