Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the just plain Insane...

**Big Sigh**

I just fought a tremendous battle with the last sleeve of my Gedifra sweater that, I think, I finally won. I was determined to finish this sleeve before starting anything new and, well, the more determined (and more anxious to move on) I got, the less cooperative the sleeve became.

For some reason, the more comfortable I got with the pattern and repeats, the more mistakes I made. My first mistake was thinking I was comfortable enough to knit on while I watched the season premiere of Survivor on Thursday. This led to surgery #1. At some point around surgery #3 I started taking pics with the hope of remembering my foolishness and avoiding future mistakes but my blind determination could not be deterred. I was going to finish it *now* at any cost!

There was one blaring cable error (picture #1) that I still can't figure out how I progressed so far before I noticed it (possibly Survivor related but it's all a blur now). But the sleeve underwent at least 5 other surgeries for minor (in hindsight, hardly noticeable) errors then culminated in me ripping back the last few inches on the 2nd to last row for a detail that would have ended up in my armpit.

See, I have this kinda stubborn perfectionist streak (that is usually hidden quite well behind my even stronger cover of laziness) that rears its head at the worst of times. I mean how could I invest all the hours and money in this (better be) beautiful sweater and leave a stitch out of place in the armpit? What kind of knitter would I be? What kind of sweater would I have? Surely the person sitting behind me in church would notice and wonder these things! (Yes, this was my main concern... and yes, this embarrasses me.)

Anyway, the battle has been fought and I've come out the victor! The sleeves are complete! Of course I guess I should hold off on any great celebration until I block it and attempt to seam it all together (which, I'll tell you right now, will not be happening until I have not looked at it for at least a week or more). And yes, I realize there is no logic here either. I have absolutely no trouble putting aside an unseamed sweater (just ask my more-than-patient mother), it's just the knitting I feel compelled to complete.

Boy, how can something like knitting bring out the best, the worst, and the insanity in a gal, yet at the same time be such a comfort and joy? Go figure.

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