Friday, September 22, 2006

I've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'...

or monogamous project knitting and how it's killing me.

Since last Sunday, I have used whatever knitting time I could grab to work on my (not-so) cropped cardigan. Nothing else. No socks. No Allhemp Tee. No swatching. Nada. And I've got to say... it's bleeding me dry, lifeless, hopeless... yet determined to finish. Look... it doesn't even want to be photographed. (I'm really not sure why I take these things so seriously... but I'm sure a good therapist could offer some suggestions.)

Don't get me wrong... I love this sweater and the yarn is amazing. It's soft, even squishy and feels even better on the body than on the needles. (Just ask the little guy.) It feels so light, yet I can tell it will be plenty warm. I really want to wear it too... soon. I just don't want to finish it. Will it end up doomed in the still waiting to be seamed pile? Yikes... I hope not! Actually, it's that fear that keeps me going. (yeah, I know... ask the therapist)

Then there's the sock... look at it tempting me, peeking out of it's bag with it's bright bold colors on those little tiny needles. But how can I put down this sweater when I'm on the ribbing of the last sleeve? But how can I keep going? Can I stay true to one project from beginning to end? All this and trying not to buy more yarn at the same time?! Sheesh... and I thought marriage was hard.

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Charity said...

Don't kid yourself, marriage IS hard, LOL! I'm impressed at your monogamy - I have such a hard time sticking to one project. :0)