Monday, September 04, 2006

Sneak Peak

Yep... that's a completed Rusted Root. It just needs a blocking then I'll post a better shot. The yarn in front is my dk sock yarn from the Fancy Image Yarn of the month club. I just love the colors and it matches my new sweater! In the upper right is a chevron pattern sock I've started with some super soft Regia Silk Color from e-bay. I love this pattern... very addicting.

Well, tomorrow's the big day! School starts in our busy home. That means less time for knitting but a little more structure to our days. And... the LYS is having a big 40-50% off sale starting tomorrow... a little back-to-school bonus for the teacher!


Charity said...

Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it modeled - I'm sure you look great in it :0)

Lynda said...

Can't wait to see Rusted Root!

Donna Boucher said... pretty!

I'm off to search for that yarn!

Happy school-days :o)