Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Train 'em young...

Such concentration... such dedication... committed and ready with his sword to protect the yarn from any approaching danger! Who says good help is hard to find? Of course we had a few issues with spin direction, sword entanglement, and... well... dinner burned while I supervised and snapped pictures (but heck, at least I had an excuse tonight... kinda).

J is hard at work winding the hemp I frogged from the Allhemp Tee I was working on. I knew I was struggling a bit with gauge (which in my opinion should get honorary recognition as a four-letter word) but the problem was a bit worse than I originally thought because I think the Tee I was knitting that was sucking up yardage would have fit around both my husband and me at the same time. So, since I've already determined that it is physically impossible to obtain the suggested gauge, I'm simply going to cast on again and knit it at my gauge a couple of sizes smaller. (Of course, despite my swatch test, my experience with this Tee to this point leaves me convinced that the final product will shrink up enough to fit my friends 12 yo.)

So proud! Too bad you can't see that he's wielding his sword with pride... but yes, I do see the sad little whole in his shirt. *blush*

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Charity said...

How fun! A helper! My son is longing to learn how to knit - I told him I'll teach him when he's 5. We're on the countsdown now! :0)