Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rep last 2 rows until... 7 1/4"

That's all I read... so that's what I did... I continued for 7 1/4" (+some) from the under arm . Then I returned to the pattern and read that I was now to rib for 7". Huh? 14+" from the under arm is one long cropped sweater. I was thinking I was almost done. So I back up...

"Rep last 2 rows until front measures 7 1/4 (this is pretty much where I faded out)
(7 3/4, 8 1/2, 9)" from CO row, ending with WS row complete."

Uh Oh. I stared at the picture but because of the model's crossed arm pose, you can't see the transition to the ribbing which I guess is supposed to make a more form fitting sweater.

Well, since I don't have much form through the waist to fit and I refuse to rip back 5" of my quick, easy sweater at this point, I'm taking creative license and beginning the ribbing where I'm at...

Only time (and ribbing) will tell how this comes out.

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Charity said...

Yikes. I hate it when I make a whopper mistake, and don't want to rip out all that knitting, either. Can't wait to see how your experiment, ahem, design element, turns out!