Sunday, September 24, 2006

The No-Knitting Zone

"Are you really going to bring your knitting in here? Can't you just walk around and look with us?" These are the words of my DH as we are about to enter - get this - the North American Reptile Convention. I think, "But what will I do? It's a reptile show! A family trip (remember - all boys) and I even have a good attitude!" I say, "But what if I get tired and want to sit and rest?" He says nothing (he's a good guy) and I lovingly respect his request and drop my purse back into the car (quietly remembering that I want to place an order with my friend later for Noro Silk Garden on sale at Webs for Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style).

So there I was, 3 hours of reptiles and no yarn! But the boys (from youngest to oldest) all had a blast and I even managed to enjoy myself. Heck, it's not often that you get to hold a tarantula, view exotic snakes and pet an alligator all in one day. (Not me mind you! But those boys I was with.) I could have some great pictures... if I had remembered my camera. Yep, some things never change.

And of course we couldn't leave such an event empty-handed. 12 yos got a baby Western Hognose that's about 4" long. Apparently this is a very docile and even "lazy" snake that rolls over and plays dead when it feels threatened (so far we don't seem to threaten it) . I also read that "Although Western Hognose snakes are rear-fanged venomous, this is nothing to worry about." Yeah... care to make a wager on that one?

But don't ya just hate it when your 7 year old cries 'cause he wants his own snake? Apparently, my husband does... so he was quite proud to buy him his first reptile... an Arizona Mountain Kingsnake.

Oh well, at least little guy was thrilled with just a cap... with a rattlesnake on it (ya know... memories).

I feel my Silk Garden is well deserved.

Edited to add...

I am not kidding you... Never one to be out done, my middle child took a quick bike ride down the street while I was blogging and came home with this quick catch... a California Kingsnake (much bigger than his brothers' snakes too we might add)! Who needs a stinkin' reptile show anyway? And yes, apparently this one is staying too.

(I'm feeling less guilty about the Lorna's Laces for Ella now too.)

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