Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is That All You Do?

So my son had a friend sleep over last night... a very nice, polite, quiet (the truly rare part) boy. While we've known his family for years and our boys are all friends, this boy has hardly spent any time at our house... practically none. So I was a little surprised when at 8:30 last night, after he'd been here for all of about 2 hours, he came out a sat down next to me and said, "Is this all you do all the time? Sit here and do... that?" while pointing at my knitting.

I'm thinking, Oh Honey, if you only knew! But after an awkward deer-stuck-in-the-headlights pause, I said with a little laugh, "Oh yes, all the time, this is all I do!" (You know like I was making a silly little joke or something.)
He says, quite seriously, "Don't you need to teach and umm...", as he glances around the room.

I laugh again and reply good naturedly that I'm teasing and of course I do those other things (well at least the teaching I think to myself)... but it's evening and I like to knit.

Two more hours pass and I'm sending the big boys all to bed when he comes out and sits down again. He looks at me (I'm watching Seinfeld and looking at my laptop - blogs, e-mails, you know) and says, "Are you going to sleep there too?" I look at him... No, but I am going to watch some more Seinfeld, probably the news and quite possibly some Leno as well while I do a bit more of "this" and "that". I didn't say that of course... instead I got up and obediently went to bed.

Geesh! I wonder what his mom does all day??

Anyway, as you can see I finished Drive-Thru. I love this sweater... and so does he! My mom came over with some sweaters for the boys to wear to my younger brothers wedding next month but she immediately decided she liked this better than the one she had purchased, so it's a hit all around.

Now, as for this picture... I definitely need to get a better one (after a bood blocking for the sweater and a haircut for the boy) but this one is all about the style. Check out that pose! He was hopping around all excited to be photographed in his new sweater and I said, "Okay, smile!" And this... this is what I got. I think he's ready for the big time!


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is funny! He is never coming to my house!!! Great sweater...adorable model...Look out GAP!

Laura said...

That looks great - and finished so quickly!

Keri said...

very cute and love pose.

Keri said...

love THE pose...better go to bed.

I love a Good Yarn said...

Perfect. Think of all you've created while you sat there on that sofa. His mommy never made that!

Wendy said...

I LOVE IT! (The story and the sweater)

Donna Boucher said...

You sweater is fabulous!!!!

(I have not picked out the yarn for mine yet. Such a slow poke, am I)

Oh, that little boy. He better not come to my house and pick on me.