Monday, December 18, 2006

It's Now!!

Well, there's no more denying it, Christmas is most definitely upon us!

A gingerbread (okay, graham cracker) house party with friends.

And finally... ta da... we have a tree! And I didn't freak out while five children climbed over each other to decorate it! (Not that I'm prone to such behavior or anything.)

J loves Christmas! I've got to check the resolution (or whatever) on my camera because me pics are not turning out very good. But if it were clearer you could see that he had grabbed baby Jesus to hold for this picture (aaaaah).

And the knitting... oh the knitting. Clickety, click, click. But I'm trying to prioritize... otherwise I would easily spend my whole week knitting and forget to enjoy my boys. So, there will be a few late presents going out... I can catch up on some unfinished stitches later but I can never catch up on time missed with my family. I must remember this!!!

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