Friday, December 01, 2006

Look for the Bright Side

I wish I could tell you today was better... I wish I could tell you that when I broke down and used my gift certificate to visit a LYS to get something *special* for Sahara that I had only purchased one ball of the wonderful Karabella-like yarn they assured me would work instead of 12... I wish I could tell you that it didn't puff out into a very fluffy yarn more appropriate for a size 9 needle when unwound... I really wish I had trusted the label (it said size 9) and not the salesgal who swore it was just like Karabella and mumbled something about the Italian label... I wish it was just like Karabella... I especially wish I could tell you that it knitted up to gauge without feeling like a stiff piece of cheap acrylic... and I wish I had ignored the finite wisdom of the salesladies and bought the luscious RYC Silk Wool DK (one ball) that they said would never work. (I think it will.) But more than anything, I wish yarn stores gave cash refunds instead of exchanges only. Ugh!

On the bright side, at least I was using a gift certificate (for a good chunk of it) and I learned a lesson... buy only one ball at a time to check gauge! (Learning a lesson makes most negative experiences worthwhile in my opinion. I just wish I learned things quicker.) However, guilt is guilt, and after the last few weeks of eyeglasses, dentists, and the library, I really shouldn't be spending even a dime on yarn. So I guess my real wish would be for patience and self-control (those two lions that are always crouching at my door - sigh).

At any rate, send your good knitting mojo my way for the RYC Silk Wool to work because they really don't have a very good selection at this LYS and if the RYC doesn't work, I'm going to have to end up using my store credit to knit scarves and felted bags for everyone on my Christmas list instead. (And I was determined not to knit gifts this year... not to mention that it would leave me with no time to even think about Sahara.)

Finally, I wish my son hadn't messed with my camera and deleted the picture I took this morning because I think if you could see what I woke up to... specifically the son sitting on top of a bedroom door screaming for me to take a photo for my blog (I guess I should feel honored here) while the 3 youngest chased each other around the house fighting over the last of the Froot Loops (a very rare treat in our house)... you would understand my life (and my poor, impulsive LYS decisions) much better. BTW - after all the PR effort, he deleted the picture because he thought he looked dorky. Dorky! Imagine that... a 14 year old sitting on top of a door, wedged against the ceiling in flannel pajamas and a hooded sweatshirt... what could possibly be dorky about that? BTW - my 12 yos (the one we fondly refer to as "the good one") slept through it all. If only I could do the same.

Oh well, at least I don't have to cook. Pizza and family movie night await...


knitknerd said...

Yeah for pizza night - you deserve to not cook tonight after the yarn woes of the day - and good grief, if I had five boys, it would probably be pizza night every night!

Charity said...

Sorry about your yarn disappointment! I hope the Silk Wool is a much better sub! :0)