Monday, June 11, 2007

Going Bug-Eyed

You guys are so kind and encouraging... but I don't think you understand.. I really did nothing last week. Really! Nothing!

And it's most certainly not post-baseball season blues, because my oldest made All-Stars for his first time ever (I may have mentioned it before but it's worth repeating especially since his arch enemy, aka my middle son, has made it twice in his four years of play). Anyway, it's too soon for the blues because he will be playing many games over the next 10 days with my husband as one of his coaches. And not even I can justify missing his only All-Star games in 15 years.

But it does turn out I really was sick last week (as opposed to falling into a hopeless trance of laziness) since 2 of my boys came down with the same symptoms yesterday and have laid around the house since. Meanwhile I've become buried in piles of paperwork and e-mails as I finalize preparations for our church's Vacation Bible School next week. I guess I'm what they call the "director" but I like to think of it as the administrator or, better yet, the person who does nothing but gets to make all the decisions and tell other people what to do. But that's clearly an awkward title so I'll go with what they gave me.

Due to my inability to control all people and circumstances as much as I might like (don't worry, I'm working on it), I ended up with all the final registration forms much later than I'd hoped. So after 4 hours at church (dealing with VBS stuff in addition to the service) I came home and spent a solid 8 hours going bug-eyed on the computer entering and sorting the names of 200+ kids and volunteers. Around 6:00, DH peeked under the piles and asked me something about dinner... I mumbled something about doing whatever he wanted... which he misunderstood to mean, "Why don't you go on a bike ride honey and leave the hungry kids to me." So delirious was my data entry that at 7:00 I actually handed my credit card to my 14 yo and told him to order food... pizza, of course.

DH returned and felt bad because he truly hadn't heard me (although I think it was really because the cheese pizza was gone). But with a pencil in my mouth and the furious typing it was quite possible that I wasn't coherent in my request so I do believe him. (That and the fact that he reads this so I have to be nice... love you honey!) At some point during the fight over the last pieces of pizza, my carefully balanced plate was attacked by a hungry teen with a knife who ignored my requests to take my plate to the kitchen before cutting the last slice in half. (I really don't think anyone around here listens to me so your comments are always most truly appreciated.) Next thing I know I have a knife covered in pizza sauce sticking out of a hank of Blue Sky Cotton. I wish it had been the red still, then nobody would ever notice. Ugh!

I put down my laptop at 9:00 and popped in the first season of House. Now I don't know if it was simply mental meltdown on my part or if it was really just that good, but I was cracking up. (DH asked me if I'd been drinking so it's quite possible that it was just me.) He is so horribly abrasive, obnoxious and insensitive... and I think he's just about the greatest character ever! And come on now... be honest... aren't there times when you would just love to say some of the things he says? The scenes when he actually interacts with the patients at the clinic are the best... although I certainly wouldn't want to be the patient. I'm looking forward to watching these over the next few weeks.

Oh, and the knitting thing... since today involved plenty more paperwork, I've managed a new personal low with only 1" of a sock being knit since Saturday. Hardly worthy of a photo shoot. I'll knit for you tonight though... really. It's the least I can do since you are so kind to be here even without pictures of yarn!


Natalie said...

No wonder you are getting sick! We had to cancel VBS at our church (the first time in 50 years). Literally out of 60 plus volunteers that helped last year, maybe ten committed to helping. Can't take care of more than 300 kids with 10 adults! The work you are doing is wonderful - your church is blessed to have you. Take some time for yourself - knit another sock?

Donna Boucher said...

I'd love ya even if you didn't know how to knit!!!

If I was the director of VBS, I would consider myself a saint and sit and watch House for the REST of the SUMMER!!!

And yes, House is all that.
I happen to be married to that sort of a fellow.

Becca said...

VBS director? Wow...I'm in awe. The very thought makes me woozy.

I love House. Hugh Laurie is amazing. He can crack me up with just a look. I had fun in the first season listening for tiny accent slips. Every now and then you'd hear a bit of his British creep through.

On a positive note, although you only knit an inch, it's better than those times when you have negative knitting progress because you've had to rip!

km said...

I help out with our VBS, but I can't ever imagine being in charge. God bless you for giving time to the little ones. I'm feeling for you with the ball of Blue Sky Cotton. Yesterday, my daughter unwound a ball of Rowen Calmer through the house. KM

5elementknitr said...

ohnoohnoohnoohn! How do you get pizza sauce out of anything? Let alone a hank of cotton?? rest your buggy eyes and have a drink!

knitknerd said...

Wow - directing VBS - that is a big committment - I don't envy you - But it seems that even with all the frantic drama of pre-VBS, God always brings things together and the kids have a great time learning and having fun - hang in there!
(And so sorry about your Blue Sky cotton - I feel sick for you)

The_Add_Knitter said...

How funny, I am also in charge of our Vacation Bible School, and I am radically unprepared!!