Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Must've Been the Blue Moon

I'm attributing the fact that I have another finished knit to show you to the blue moon we had last week because I really can't think of any other logical explanation. I actually don't even know when I knit this one up. (Oh, and btw Angelika, I knit in the round and read... I haven't even considered a beautiful fair isle like the one your knitting right now!)

It went so fast in the round on size 8 needles (actually I realized at the end I had used size 7 needles... not sure how that happened but I'm feeling rather lucky it fits).

I'm not super crazy about the high neckline, but I wasn't surprised or disappointed as it was evident from the picture and I do like that it's a bit unique. Also, the creative use of short-rows made the shaping quick. I used the recommended yarn, Classic Elite Sundance, which is 50% cotton, 50% microfiber so it has a bit of a stretch.

Overall, I'm pleased with the fit, the yarn choice, and especially love the lacy shoulders. It's comfortable, casual, and summery... my favorite things. (Actually, I might prefer it a bit looser, although it's not quite as tight as it looks in this picture. I think once I wash it, I may try to give it a little stretch to try to loosen it up a bit.)

A close-up of the lace shoulders...

Pattern: Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell (Interweave Knits, Summer 2007)
Yarn: Classic Elite Sundance - 7 balls of Celery
Needles: Knit Picks Options - Size 7 (Pattern called for size 8... I just grabbed the wrong size.)
Modifications: None

Be sure to check out lace corrections at IK site.


lynda said...

Oh my GOSH! Another beautiful knit - you are on a roll, girl. You have a knack for picking patterns that fit and flatter you!

I love a Good Yarn said...
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Charity said...

Holey moley, Tammy, that was super fast! And it looks incredible on you! :0)

Donna Boucher said...

Just gorgeous!
Tammy, I think the shaping of the arm holes is revealing in a way and so the smaller V neck is just right.
Do you know what I mean?

I think you look great and a little bit sexy :o)
That is a major feat for a momma for many boys :o)

Tammy's new theme song.

"I'm bringin' sexy back."

amanda said...

You're really rolling out the FOs these days! I love this little top - it's so cute and looks so versatile for summer. Awesome.

km said...

I love it. And I'm more ready to see mine finished. I'm using 7's, but that's what I needed to get gauge (I swatched). I split the front and back and started the rt-back sholder. Maybe by next week for me... KM

Tammy said...

Thank you! Thank you! You are all so kind.

As for the "how"... I actually started it a couple of weeks ago... the yarn knit up fast and the microfiber kept the stitches even. Aside from that, I was kinda stunned to be finished myself.

I love a Good Yarn said...

You MUST wear this often. It is wonderful.
As to your explanations of HOW you did it, and so well and so quickly, I am not sure...did you stay up all night several nights, or do you just knit that fast?

Michelle said...

Looks fantastic! Such a lovely colour!

Angelika said...

So, is there anything else on the needles we should know about? Great top. I'm considering knitting another one, but don't know what yet, but maybe someone will make that desition for me. We'll see.

knitknerd said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
You are so amazingly knit-productive.