Friday, June 29, 2007

Rock On!

I love this blogging thing! Honestly, I don't know how we (at least, I) survived before the internet. I have vague memories of trolling the mall for just the right clothes, traipsing all over town trying to find Christmas gifts and that one hard to find toy that my son had to have, and especially thinking that I was weird just because the limited circle of people I was geographically connected with didn't get it when I thought something was just the coolest. (Come on... there's got to be at least a few of you who still know the Time Warp.)

Over the last (almost) year, I have met some of the most interesting people around the world (and I must say I am much better at getting to know somebody when I don't have to struggle through the awkward small talk thing). Fascinating, intelligent, creative women who have become a part of my daily life... and even better, most of them make me feel less weird and more normal! This may not sound like such a good thing but it is... really.

Anyway, because I just love this blogging community, I was thrilled, and totally surprised, to be named a "Rockin' Blogger" by Ruth at 5elementknitr!

Very cool!

I now get to pass on the nod to 5 more blogs, but I have no idea how to limit it to 5. Here's a few that come to mind.

Knit Together... Lynda is one of the first bloggers I "met", virtually and in person. She makes me laugh.

Forward Motion - because I think Becca and I could do some intense damage yarn shopping together!

Miknits - Michelle is an amazing sock designer and knitter. I want her sock speed!

Knit & Tonic - Of course! Witty, creative and talented... we all know she rocks!

Knit Wiz - Angelika is talented and encouraging. Plus she's a military wife thereby deserving of much admiration!

Quiet Life - because Donna is my morning encouragement every day!

and one more...

Good Yarns - Julie is my only local friend who knits and blogs along with me... thereby making her my only local friend who doesn't think I've got a screw loose. (Whether or not I do is another subject entirely.)

Oops... more than 5. Well, I would've liked to include a lot more so I don't think I did too bad.

Rock on blogging sistahs!
Oh, and don't forget to pass the Rockin' love on.


lynda said...

Ahh - thanks for the nod. You definitely ROCK!

(I can't wait go go "see" Donna every morning, too. She's the best in my book)

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you Tammy!
I'm so happy to be getting to know you thru this unique medium!

Congrats on your award!
You really do Rock the blogs!

Michelle said...

Thanks Tammy! You rock too! I have to say, out of all the bloggers I follow, I relate to you the most. We live such similar lives!

Angelika said...

Eeeeh, another button for my blog. This is like an award. Thank you really like me :) I'll carry it on with pride.