Monday, June 25, 2007

Stuck... Moving Forward

VBS is behind us, summer lays before us, and it's a bright sunny morning. I'm going to forget for the moment that I have 2 weeks of laundry to do and a couple of bedrooms which I'm ready to tape off with yellow hazard tape, and just soak in the freedom from any must-be-dones. VBS was a great success and I loved my job! (I think it was the whistle... which I'm keeping as I can see it being a great tool to have around this house.) We do have some summer school (mainly math and reading) ahead of us... but not this week. No, this week is freeeeee!

Very little knitting has passed through my hands over the last few weeks so I'm anxious to start producing again! However, having been removed from the, well, habit for a few weeks, I'm a little overwhelmed and really don't know where to start. After knitting a row of this and a couple of that, I did manage to force myself to finish a pair of socks.

Openwork Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks
Cherry Tree Hill in Spring Frost
Size 1 Clover Bamboo DPNs

I love the yarn. The pattern is great to look at... but got a bit tedious to knit.

I really want to cast-on for another pair of socks (aside from toe-up socks in the yarn I found boring to look at), but I have all these other WIPs and I guess my weeks without knitting have twisted me into thinking that this seems odd.

So I cast on for a washcloth. I'm not sure what this means.

I did see a completed Clementine Shawl at a yarn store I happened to pass in the valley yesterday. It was knit with the recommended Blue Sky Alpaca Silk and was lovely. I had pretty much lost interest in mine, but I picked it up again last night while watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (for about the 20th time) with my movie boy.

BTW - Watching Pirates 2 again after seeing the 3rd one definitely filled in a lot of gaps. And for my reading friends, I was most surprised to hear one of the pirates yell, "Oh, Mother Carey's chickens! What was that?"

Speaking of reading, I am also trying to finish the Brothers Karamazov as Julie is way (way!) ahead of me. She almost went so far as to accuse me of taking her book when she couldn't find it. (Wish I'd thought of that!) Where are you Donna?

So here I am... with too much to do, yet nothing that needs to be done... a very unproductive place for me to be.


Charity said...

The socks are really pretty, and it must feel good to have a FO up there... I'm glad to see you working on Clementine again, I'm curious to see what it will look like all finished up. :0)

Laura said...

But isn't it nice to indulge in a tiny bit of laziness?

Angelika said...

Need a new sock pattern? Try this one

5elementknitr said...

Ahhh, the washcloth. Instant gratification and a perfect jumpstart to any knitting venture!

Great socks!

Donna Boucher said...

"Oh Mother Carey's chickens..."
I can not believe that is in "Pirates".

Just imagine one of the writers know his older literature.
While it is the title of the book...I think it comes from Waterbabies. That impossible classic.

You do not want to know where I am in Brothers. Oh. No you don't.

Perhaps once I finish the book about India and Mother Teresa...I will read that the wedding is over.

Dang. Do I have the excuses.

I'm sorry I haven't kept up.

Your socks are lovely!