Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Secret Pals?

Real quick here... I keep seeing people involved in fun swaps where they exchange yarn and such with secret pals. Even though I'm sure my interest may be partially triggered by the frenzy of activity and caffeine pumping through me, I would get to buy yarn without guilt because it would be for somebody else. Any suggestions for one I can get involved in?


Laura said...

Well, I'd be willing to be your "known" pal and send you a fun yarn package. E-mail me with a list of likes and dislikes and I can shop for gifties!!!

GailV said...

I think the forums at Knitty.com have some.

Mothering.com has had Magic Yarn Ball swaps in the past (that's where you ball up the yarn around all sorts of little treats buried inside).

And sometimes another Secret Pal swap will randomly match you with someone who does fibery things...like, twice at TheDenimJumper.com homeschool mom Secret Pal swaps I've given to or received from knitters, so fiber changed hands.

Mothering.com and TheDenimJumper.com require a minimum number of posts before you can start playing. I'm not in the Knitty forums, so I don't know the rules there.

Becca said...

Tammy, we are on the same wavelength. I have been contemplating a swap too, although I'm insecure that I could put together a great package. Gift giving is not my thing. Here's one that I was considering, but I'm not sure if they have more room. It looks like fun.


Charity said...

The vacation swap looks like a lot of fun! Try looking at Swap-Bot, they always have yarn and knitting swaps going on and starting up. I am a swap-a-holic! :0)

Susan said...

The SP10 is just about to close and SP11 will start sometime afterwards. There's a good chance that's the one you've been seeing. It was my first swap and it has been great. The Coffe Swap just ended and will start up again, also. In this swap you know who you're pal is going to be, but it's coffee and yarn swapping. What could be better?