Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Blog about Nothing

I seem to have a bad case of knitting paralysis. I had some time to knit today... but I mainly just thought about knitting. I thought about my WIPs yet none of them inspired me to pick up the needles (and the OSU socks needed to be saved for Survivor knitting this evening).

I actually swatched for Interweave's Wanderlust Hoodie with some DB bulky merino that I got for dirt cheap from Little Knits but when I felt the weight of the swatch, I just couldn't get excited about knitting such a sweater on the first day in 2 weeks that our temperature has dropped below 80 degrees.

The other day I attempted to start a top down pattern of my own design (I use that term loosely) with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I would tell you about that but the idea is better left in my head... it worked much better there, where I can picture it perfectly. But I was quickly put off by the tremendous amount of trial and error were obviously going to be part of the process. (It would've ended up in a dark closet painfully forgotten.)

I could use the DB merino to make Interweave's Provincial Waistcoat but that would require, well, a waist... (think 5 kids).

I also am dying to knit their Viennese Shrug but I'm sensing a conflict here with my Old Navy t-shirts. (I'm already pushing it with Ella.)

I actually really like their Arwen Cardigan (pictured)... and it would definitely work with my Old Navy wardrobe... and I have the suggested yarn in the suggested color in my stash! Why doesn't this excite me? Actually, it's the only picture I could get to post without major distortion... could this be a sign?

I could always start new socks, but yet I can't. Hmph. Paralysis. Obviously something in my life is flipped upside down. I mean, I'm not only not knitting... I'm writing about not knitting. *sigh*

I would like to knit a hat for my 7 yo son since I've been on a hat roll lately but he is insisting on a mask... a knitted mask that will come down over his face with holes for his eyes and mouth. Short of that, he won't even pick out a color. (He only lives in this solar system part of the time.)

In the meanwhile, I'm open to suggestions. You vote and I'll cast on.

On a bright note, I did manage to snatch some Vesper sock yarn this evening from Knitterly Things before she sold out this time! You know, for my collection. :)


Wendy said...

Good for you on the Vesper Sock Yarn. It's goooood stuff.

Lynda said...

I'd have to vote Wanderlust hoodie. Works with the Old Navy - and believe me... I know the Old Navy T's (hmmm, I'm wearing a red one right now)

knitknerd said...

And I'm wearing a yellow one! Ahhh
Old Navy - ever faithful supplier of this non-descript but not completely unfashionable mom uniform.
And I have been afflicted with that same "not knitting" disease lately - and we're not even having any kind of heat wave up here-
I vote for your own design - it could turn out exquisitely beautiful and we'll all be clamoring for the pattern - and if its really bad, well that could make for awfully funny blog material!

Donna Boucher said...

What color Vesper did you get?

It is my favorite of all time. I have some Sweetwater and ??? white, pink and green....

I loves me some Vesper!

Tammy said...

I got Neopolitan (hanging my head in shame) and Crew. Pure gluttony on my part but I'm glad I did. She sold out in 23 minutes!

Charity said...

I've been restless with knitting lately, too. I'm a T-shirt and jeans girl, too, and it seems "meant to be" that you like Arwen, and have the exact yarn. Hmmm, perhaps you should wait until you love something too much not to knit it? :0)