Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Used to Read

Sadly, I think I need to delete my little sidebar on books. I suppose it's not really interesting or newsworthy to have the same books posted for months on end. At this point the list either depresses me or, more helpfully, reminds me that I am reading a couple of books and I could quite possibly put down my knitting or the computer and read... but that rarely actually happens... okay never. But some nights it will remind me to get in bed earlier so I can read for a while. But now my 4 yos has broken my 3rd book light of this year so I can't even do that. (I have no idea how he actually does this as there is usually no apparent physical damage.)

I used to be a constant reader. I'd fly through books, trying to keep a balance of inspirational, educational, and fun books (my favorite is historical fiction) on my nightstand. (Whatever was there, I can assure you that I was a woman of some intellect and mysteries which revolved around broken knitting needles and alpaca ranches were nowhere to be found.) I remember the days of Amazon frenzy when I would have book stash... boy, the books sure took up less room than yarn! And I actually managed to get through most of the books I bought in a respectable amount of time. Actually I guess I have to take that back about the amount of room books take up because a quick glance around any room of my house is sufficient to remind me that books are much harder to cram into drawers or tidy plastic bins than yarn.

Then there was the year or so after my 5th son was born that life simply took over and I didn't read at all. It was a difficult year to say the least but that was then.

It was 2 years ago this month that a friend taught me to knit (a trendy fun fur scarf) and 2 years ago this week that I first passed the hobby on to my friend Julie when I taught her to knit. (I know this because I remember she stayed up knitting all night before hosting Thanksgiving dinner.) Yet Julie has somehow managed to keep a sane balance of knitting and reading - accomplishing quite a bit in both areas.

I really love to read. So why don't I? Heck, I rarely even pick up my favorite magazines anymore. I guess it's just the season. When I'm knitting, I can still be with my family, interact, watch a movie, help them with homework, etc. I can't do any of those things when I'm reading. Knitting somehow feeds my soul a bit without taking too much of me away from my family. Maybe I need a book club or something to keep me challenged and motivated.

Anyway, I am getting plenty of reading in with my boys so that makes me happy. My 9 & 7 yos love books so this makes me very excited. (I think in my early homeschooling, book-loving enthusiasm, I unfortunately managed to push my older boys away from a love of reading. Or maybe it's just who they are - but as a mother, you know that I have to take the guilt/responsibility regardless.) Last week when we finished The Horse and His Boy and I asked my 7 yo what he wanted me to read to him next, he quickly plopped all 3 books of The Lord of the Rings on my lap. He will gladly listen to me read as long as we can each afternoon. 9 yo listens some days but since he has picked up an interest in historical fiction and nature he often prefers to spend his time with his own books.

Now that I think about it, I'm also reading The World of Columbus and Sons by Genevieve Foster with my oldest son since 1) he prefers to be read to than undergo the torture of reading it himself, 2) it gives us a chance to discuss it as we read, and 3) I find it fascinating. Hmmm... so I guess I am still reading.

Anyway, I decided to use Wendy's Essential Stripe pattern to make a v-neck sweater with my newly acquired Artyarns Handpaint Stripes. I love the way this yarn is knitting up and it is so soft and squishy (much nicer than their Supermerino which a very knowledgable LYS friend advised me to use for trim only). Here's some football knitting from today.

Speaking of football... the BUCKEYES WON - YAY!


Lynda said...

I could have written this post - I used to love to read.... now after my Bible studies and daily Bible reading, if I have any free time I want to knit, not read -and I'm not one of those talented ones who can do both at the same time :o)

I do still manage to fit in time for my InStyle magazine, but barely.

Your green Artyarns is GORGEOUS - wow, that's gonna be an amazing sweater.

Charity said...

I hear you, I love to read, too, but don't have nearly the time I would like for it. Have you heard of Craft-Lit? It's a literature podcast, which I like to knit to while I listen. I've completely stopped buying magazines, there's just no point anymore. :0)

I love the Horse and His Boy, that and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader were always my favourites.

The Artyarns is knitting up beautifully! So lovely.

I love a Good Yarn said...

I do love the Artyarn knitted up in the fall, earthy green. What is your plan? Long sleeve? Torso length? Did you find a pattern for the malabrigo cardigan? Do tell! (I am trying to live vicaryously through you!)

PS Peace