Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Still Read!

Well, it's quite possible that I have a wee bit of a competitive streak that was sparked when I posted about removing my book list from the side bar. Today I picked up Stepping Heavenward for the first time in 5 or more weeks and actually finished it. Although it has taken me months to get through this book, I have to say that if I had sat down and read it through in a weekend, so many of the lessons and rewards of this great read would have been lost on me. Whenever I did pick up this book to read, it seemed to have something to say that I needed to hear at that time.

I was just getting very involved in the book and likely to finish it in a matter of days when it was lost about 4-5 weeks ago in a stomach flu incident. I had to reorder a copy and it has sat here begging my attention until the defeat that I had accepted turned into a challenge. And you know what? What I read today, I needed to read now. I say this for many reasons but I will share that one is the focus on the role of prayer in my life. (Note the name of the book I bought yesterday.)

Anyway, we are enjoying a quiet (well, how about reasonably peaceful) Thanksgiving Day at home with a turkey in the oven, a jigsaw puzzle on the coffee table, and football on the TV and in the front yard. Perfect.

I did cast on for a Vesper sock last night. I'm loving the colors but the yarn is very fine. I'm using a size 1 but concerned that I maybe should get size 0. I did swatch... even put the swatch on scrap yarn to check the fit and it seems okay so I'll keep going with the 1s for now. I know it's kinda small, but will this count for you, Charity? (Please keep in mind my half-finished-sock swatch below.)


Charity said...

I don't know if that counts, Tammy! LOL

Maybe you need to write your own book - Too Busy NOT To Swatch! :0)

Donna Boucher said...

Stepping Heavenward is such a gem of a book. I see myself so much in Katy (expecially when she was going thru her 'growing pains'.)

This book taught me a lot about 'dying to self'. It is a tough topic, and one we must grow into :o)

Have you read Mother Carey's Chickens?