Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finally Ready to Jaywalk

After 8 months in the making, I finally have a pair of Jaywalkers.

It was a great pattern and beautiful yarn (Claudia's Handpainted but I have no idea what color), it was just one of those singles that got set aside in pursuit of other obsessions. Note: I wanted a picture of the socks stepping off the curb onto the street as if to, you know, jaywalk... but creative disputes with my 10 yo photographer quickly wore me down into quiet submission.

I suppose I should've concluded my last post with this follow-up picture offering proof that no children were harmed during the highly professional removal of my son's cast.

More socks on the needles. Hoping to Monkey around soon! (You know everybody's doing it!)Now off to eat pizza.


Angelika said...

Hurray for the socks. Isn't it funny how your sons arm is tanless now compaired to the other one?

Michelle said...

They may have taken 8 months to make, but it was worth it! Awesome socks!

uberstrickenfrau said...

I still haven't made it to Jay walkers and I still only have one monkey done! I have alot of single socks done. And glad to see your son's arm is still attached! Ha ha

Octopus Knits said...

Your Jaywalkers are great! I'm also glad to see your son's arm came through the sawing with out mishap.

Charity said...

Yay! Great finished Jaywalkers! :0)

Donna Boucher said...

He is too cute.

I have a pair of jaywalkers on the sticks. I don't imagine they will be done before Jan.

What a cute boy!