Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Things I've Learned in the Last 2 Days...

1) When your 13 yo son is at the hospital awaiting x-rays and blood work for persistent, yet not-specific, abdominal pain and he asks you what it could be... he doesn't really want to know. Based on his reaction to my list of options (which were many and creative and mostly inspired by House), I'm guessing that he was actually looking for reassurance as opposed to a differential diagnosis (as I liked to imagine I was giving).

2) When an expert like Amy Singer suggests that cotton yarn should never be pulled from inside the skein but instead, unraveled from the outside... she knows what she's talking about... and it applies to the 2nd and 3rd skeins as well as the first.

3) It can take almost as long to unravel a tangle of cotton yarn as it does to knit half a sweater.

4) When the optometrists suggests that you get progressive glasses, it is not because you are so hip and ahead of the times that you need glasses that have progressed beyond what the average person should wear. No. Progressive just sounds a heck of a lot better than "You're old and need tri-focals."

This leads to the discover that "progressive" lenses require a larger surface area thereby eliminating all the cute, hip glasses and moving one into the "classic/traditional" section. This, however, can hardly be disputed as hip has never been a word associated with my style anyway.

5) Two hours at Lenscrafters is a long time for an energetic, inquisitive and highly creative 8 yo. After 2 hours of strange behavior (even for him) including countless questions and frequent gasps of "Those look horrible!" "Oh! Those are just awful!" "These prices are ridiculous!" "It would never take me this long to pick out glasses!" He was finally subdued by the long awaited opportunity to sit in a spinning chair.

Later that evening he boasted to Dad about his imitation of House in Lenscrafters. He was apparently trying to indulge me since his brother had not wanted to play along the day before.

6) I love my new glasses! Hip or not, I have achieved my passionate goal of being able to sit on my bum reading, knitting, and watching TV without losing my focus when making these drastic transitions. My life is complete.

And btw, my 13 yo is doing just fine. Apparently fear is a great cure for whatever was ailing him.


Donna Boucher said...

Your glasses are darling!
They make your teeth look really white :o)
In my quest for Lisa Loeb glasses I ended up in the most expensive frame store this side of Chicago!

I have chosen, the most expensive pair out of four...and will wait now, two weeks.

I am afraid they are not special enough for the price I paid. And I didn't even get the non-reflective glass. Which would have been super cool...but was $100 more.

I can not wait to see my reading and Tivo screen again!
I had to stand up to catch the action on So You think you can Dance tonight.

I did not know that Amy Singer rule.It's good to know.

Do you have a ball winder?

Sometimes it takes me up to one hour to wind my yarn into a ball.

It hurts my back!

Happy to hear you son is feeling fine.

Donna Boucher said...

p.s. I didn't even get cateyes!!!

Yarnhog said...

Still chuckling!

First, I'm glad your son is okay. My son had chronic stomach pain for months when he was five. I took him to the doctor, where, after many tests that revealed nothing, the doctor explained that there is a common condition (so common that it has a name, which I have forgotten) among school aged kids that results in real abdominal pain that is purely psychosomatic. In something like 80% of kids, the pain disappears after a visit to the doctor. And it did for my son.

As for the progressive lenses, I prefer the granny look: you know, I perch my reading glasses on the end of my nose to knit and peer over the top to watch TV and look at my children. This allows me to live in denial a little longer.

uberstrickenfrau said...

I am a walking example of why being vain makes you blind. I should of gotton bi-focals but I balked at the price and just went with out them and now I can't see! I thought I didn't need them that bad, I guess being cheap bit me in the behind in this too.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Oh, and I meant to say thanks for the kind words on my blog too.;o)

Laura said...

Love the glasses. Welcome to the ranks of us progressives!

And I just recently learned the same thing about NOT pulling from the center of a skein or ball of cotton and other smooth yarns from Amy Singer, too - when I read her book No Sheep for You! It made my life as a cotton knitter much easier.

Sarah said...

I like the glasses! Glad your 13 yr old is fine, sounds like you have had some LONG days!