Monday, September 10, 2007

8 Random Facts & Minimalist Tip

Thanks Donna for tagging me with the following Meme! I think being tagged is terribly fun although I have no idea what to say when I am. How do I come up with 8 random facts? How do I stop at 8?

Being a bit obsessive (which is not at all a random fact but probably general knowledge by now), I have struggled with this all day. Since I also struggle with blank-mind syndrome when put on the spot, I've decided just to ramble off the first things that come to mind...

8 Random Facts...

1. I refuse to ask for directions or the location of a product in the grocery store. I will search hopefully for a ridiculous amount of time.

2. If I do ask for directions, I will forget them and be lost again almost immediately anyway.

3. I flunked out of my first year of college. (Hey, it was UC Santa Barbara, I was distracted. I later graduated from CSUN.)

4. Movie scenes with people singing in cars always crack me up. (Think Tommy Boy, Corky Romano, Vacation, etc. Don't know why, but it gets me everytime.)

5. I met my husband while stopped at a red light 20 years ago. He was a passenger in the car next to me.

6. I love public speaking (but struggle horribly with one-on-one small talk).

7. I am a major procrastinator.

8. I will think of at least 3 more interesting things I should've posted instead as soon as I hit "Publish" and it will drive me crazy all night.


BTW - Yesterday's plan was a success! The Minimalist back is complete, I've cast on for the front and even managed to find some complementary sock yarn in my stash. To top it off, I even got the laundry done today... because after all, it's perfectly acceptable to do laundry on a school day, but knitting like crazy all day... not so much.

My tip... When I started the front of the cardigan the bottom rolled up horribly. Like this...

I was concerned at first and spent some time searching Ravelry and the web. I saw that some people had added ribbing and some had switched the stitch pattern, but being one who needs to make mistakes for myself in order to learn, I proceeded with the pattern as written.

Now, I don't know what the final result will be, but I can tell you that as the piece grew longer the urge of the stockinette to curl in overcame it's desire to curl up, so the bottom does lay flat now... well, at least it's curling in instead of up.


Now, as for tagging... how about...

Octopus Knits


Donna Boucher said...

Great list!
I learned so much about you!

I am trying to figure out what C
SUN is.

I think anytime people DANCE in a movie or television, especially when it is not a formal dance, is hilarious.
(Think Hitch, Love Always, Carlton from Fresh Prince ;o)

Donna Boucher said...

Oh! I hate when I make a mistake.

It's Love, Actually.

Thanks for doing the meme :o)

Laura said...

Totally 150% with you on #s 6 & 7.

Yarnhog said...

Fun post! I always love these.
One day, I was singing along to the radio with the window closed, and I looked over at the car next to me, where the passenger was laughing her head off looking at me. Apparently, she was listening to the same station; it must have looked pretty funny. I've been self-conscious about singing in the car ever since.

Charity said...

I never get tired of reading these! :0)