Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Does Normal Even Exist?

Meet Bailey. She is our sweet little beagle with a pink cast. She has a growth on her foot. An unusual growth that they can't quite identify. Of course. They're trying antibiotics (of course) and... how do I put this... they also want to start her on some sort of canine Lindora to manage her weight. We simply would need to bring her in for regular shots to help regulate her appetite so she can lose weight. I'm not kidding. I bought diet dog food. (But doesn't the cast just make you want to knit her a sock?)

We are actually quite used to unidentifiable conditions... Within the last month, we've done extensive testing on my son's non-specific abdominal pains and we are currently researching my recently diagnosed blood pressure condition that is rare in women my age (yet, I was informed, is very common in older people). Testing so far has included an EKG and hours spent in a hospital lab being repeatedly stabbed with injections and blood draws while surrounding patients felt curiously compelled to ask questions about the colorful socks I was knitting. Normally I would've been fairly easily drawn into a conversation about knitting... but this was early-morning, pre-coffee Tammy who is not nearly so social as later in the day Tammy (who I must admit, still avoids conversations with strangers with every ounce of her being)... and I could only sit there and wish I had brought something boring and beige. Anyway, while I wait for results I must continue to stand slowly and avoid roller coasters. Can you see why I avoid the doctor?! Wouldn't you?

(You can see the Claudia's Hand Painted Sport Shorts are now complete and awaiting cooler weather while I continue to gush over the colors and feel of this yarn!)

It would seem that we always have plenty going on... but you want to know what really worries me?


This would be my ever ornery JoJo watching his favorite scene...

The drama! He really gets into this...
He informed me today that when he grows up he wants to be "Troy".

"Oh... you want to sing and dance?" "No, I want to be Troy."

Personally I think it has more to do with Gabriella who has taken the place of Hannah Montana in his heart but I'm not sure I find that particularly comforting or normal for an almost 5 year old either. (Actually, I really don't think he's totally over Hannah because he still listens to her CD that he begged me for all the time.)

If this is in any way normal for any 4 yo you know, would you please let me know? Because personally, I was a little more comfortable with his previous long term plan of marrying his best gal-pal KayKay and living in a mansion, selling lemonade and Power Rangers for a living.

But I guess they can't stay young forever.

So I cast on for another sock.


Natalie said...

No - it doesn't! Didn't a son have a similar pink cast?

Yarnhog said...

There is no such thing as normal for a four-year-old. Or anyone. At least anyone male. I have three boys, and I'm pretty sure they're all aliens. JoJo is a doll. What a cute, cute kid.

Charity said...

I think Normal is something like the Emperor's Clothes. We all like to pretend, but really, no one knows what it is, or if it's even real.

Love the finished socks!

~Kristie said...

My grandson turns 5 in a few days and he is absolutely obsessed with Troy and Gabriella as well. He doesn't pay much attention to the movies when they are on other than when the music starts up and then he's signing and dancing away. Even my 3-yr old grandson can sing some of the songs, and that's more frightening than anything.

Normal? I guess they are, but it's a bit freaky if you ask me.