Thursday, September 06, 2007

Knitting Only!

It has come to my attention that life is totally interfering with my knitting. Ever since my collapse/epiphany last month regarding the reality of facing a list of wips and want-tos that exceeds my expected lifespan, I've been in a knitter's slump. Afraid to cast-on, being overly selective, analyzing every decision, trying to finish one project before starting another, and so on. And, as I have often expected, a disruption in my knitting has upset the sanity of my whole daily life.

Here are the promised pics from Veronik Avery's new book Knitting Classic Style. To begin with I have to tell you how much I enjoy this book. The designs are all truly based on classic trends with history of the fashions interspersed throughout. (I must say I'm especially grateful to those bold radicals of the 1880s who insisted that "women should have to wear no more than seven pounds of underwear".)

Anyhoo, I'll start with the cover sweater which I adore.

I can totally imagine the following sweater knit up with the DB Cashmerino Aran in my stash (although the suggested yarn, Reynolds Oddyssey has been on my covet list forever!). So casual and snuggly...

I thought this had a nice classic look for any woman's style.

It is not lacking in head to toe accessories either. I must knit this scarf... it calls for Mountain Colors Mountain Goat but I'm thinking that it would be amazing in something like Dream in Color Smooshy.

Here's a couple that aren't necessarily my style, but still tempting...

This is just a small sampling of the variety of patterns I enjoyed throughout this book.

But I must say, the one that has completely captivated me... enchanted me to the point that our first cool evening had me immediately imagining myself wrapped in it... is this Alpaca Silk Shawl...

You know what comes to mind when I look at this? My unfinished Clementine Shawlette... and the 3 hanks of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk contained therein. Thoughts of frogging and repossessing said yarn... and not just out of laziness or distaste or for some ordinary alternative purpose... but for a higher calling altogether. The Shawl.

Whatever I decide, I will make that decision based solely in the knitting part of my brain without any unnecessary thoughts regarding the practicality or luxury of such a garment.

More knitting, less thinking. Let the balance in my universe be restored!

With that attitude, I cast on this afternoon for something that has been on my mind for a while... just because I want to... because my sanity is worth it.


uberstrickenfrau said...

wow, I miss a few days reading and you go to town with the posts!!!!
I like some of those patterns in the book you reviewed, but I need another pattern book like I need....well, I can't think of anything clever. Aren't you glad its Friday? I have that door of science( can't spell whats's his name!)never read it but now I think I will.

Donna Boucher said...

That cover sweater is my favorite.
Make that one, okay :o)

Nan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :^D Hey... I crochet... does that count for anything? I tried knitting and I did about 1/4 of a scarf and then the cat ate it. I took that as a sign from God that I should stick with crochet. ;^P