Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Another Day

Do you suppose there's an acceptable amount of time that a mother of 5 can spend knitting and watching a DVD of old Monkees episodes on a Tuesday afternoon while her husband is laboring hard to support the said family of seven? If there is, I'm guessing it's gotta be some where between 0 and 15 minutes. But that's just a guess.

But what if you're trying to keep the house quiet because you have a 8 year old with a fever and a dog recovering from foot surgery? Does that at least provide for more reasonable conditions? Or at least sound like a decent excuse?

What if you're knitting Monkeys while you watch the Monkees?

I gave it a really good shot but a strange feeling came over me... I think it was guilt... but I'm not entirely sure because I'm usually pretty good at ignoring guilt. At any rate, I was unable to avoid the guilt so I got up and attended to a few long neglected household tasks instead. But not to worry, I didn't go nuts or anything... there are still plenty of long neglected tasks for me to avoid.

The Monkeys are all that I'd heard they would be... addicting, amusing, and fun. (The Monkees were amusing as well, but maybe not quite so much as I remembered.)

But what I really wanted to point out, was the pink bandage on Bailey's back leg. The surgery was on her front foot. This here on her back foot is a pain patch. It's basically like a nicotine patch only it's dispensing narcotics for the pain.

As I stood there with the vet, all I could think was, "Dr. House would be so all over this thing!" I'm thinking he would hire me if I showed him one of these bad boys. Yeah, I know... I'm not actually a doctor... but with all those painkillers in him he may not notice.


Julie said...

How is the poor dog. I see she is back now...no more hemorrhage all over the car? Is she loopy?
Can I have some?

Laura said...

I "gots" to know - where did you find old "Monkees" episodes?

Angelika said...

I guess the patch makes it easier on you too. Gives you more time with either one of the monkeys instead of having to cram pain pills down your dogs throat. Hooray for the patch.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Ahh, don't feel guilty( says I who has been watching old movies on the PC every day...)tell Dr. House to invent a guilt patch that numbs you to guilt when your goofing off.I'd buy that stuff by the crate!!!

amanda said...

Awww, hope Bailey and your 8 year old feel better soon!

Yarnhog said...

With five boys, any sitting you can do is earned. I only wish my husband worked outside of the house so that I wouldn't have to jump up and look busy every time I hear him coming down the stairs!