Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's a Football Thing

Remember the socks I knit in our football team colors? I remember when I was so excited to find the yarn. How love and enthusiasm went into each stitch as a symbol of my support for their passion for football. I mean, can you think of a better way for a knitting mama to show her love and support to her athletic sons? No, neither can I. I would like to think that my lovely socks had brought them luck... they've had a great season, only losing 3 games! Unfortunately, those were the only 3 games I wore the socks to. After the first 2 losses, 13 yo and DH (his coach) banned my socks.

Well last night I wore them while I had to schlep Icees and sodas for 3 hours at the high school varsity game. Our high school team suffered no worse for my wear and ended the night victorious. Obviously my socks were not cursed after all... so I wore them tonight... to the most important game of my 13 yo's season.

I think they might make me burn them before play-offs began next week.

But these, I'm sure, will only bring me good luck.

Little coffee bean stitch markers from See Jayne Knit on Etsy. Too perfect.

Mr. Greenjeans... or Ms. Bluejeans as I prefer to call it... is coming along and I am just digging the colors. So much so that I was unable to ignore the Regia Kaffe Fassett sock yarn at the LYS any longer.

And since football is slowly taking up more of my time and thoughts, I must end with this...

OHIO STATE 37 - Penn State 17

I'm keeping the gloating to a minimum though since DH is a huge Penn State fan so tonight has been a bit of a double whammy for him. I've got to turn some more of my OSU yarn into socks though soon!

Now I must go set my line-up for my Knitter's League fantasy football team. Yes, this does seem odd to me too.


Angelika said...

I'm glad your socks aren't cursed and I so love those coffee beans. Great idea for stitch markers. Do they make you knit faster?

Yarnhog said...

Those socks will make a perfect match for your sweater!

~Kristie said...

I'm afraid those coffee beans look almost too real. I'd probably attempt a bite into one of them for a pick-me-up.

Ms. Bluejeans is looking great!

Any particular pattern ideas for your new sock yarn? I think I have that same colorway in my stash.

Donna Boucher said...

i was very impressed with the Fassett sock yarn. His fabrics are out of this world's nice to see his sock yarn isn't as wild as his fabrics. I like it a lot!

Maria said...

OK, this is getting weird. 5 kids, same sweater and yarn, and now the coffee stitch markers. I ordered the same ones from See Jayne Knit, along with the Cafe Latte' yarn. My sport of choice, though, is Nascar.

Tammy said...

How funny! Well Maria, I unabashedly copied your choice of yarn... but the stitch markers I found on etsy. Aren't they great? I missed out because I didn't even look at her yarn.

I do have one avid Nascar fan, but football remains the passion around here.