Friday, October 12, 2007

Mail Call

Clementine is done. The 2 pieces have been grafted, ends woven in and ready for blocking. Whew! I don't mind waiting a few days to block... I still feel the sweet relief of a finished knit.

To top it off... just as I was finishing... before I even had time to think about what I was going to work on next... my Loopy Ewe package arrived! I am absolutely floored by these incredible colors.

From L. to R.

Fleece Artist Somoko in "Stone" - This is a merino/kid/nylon/silk blend that is too amazing to knit into socks! It really makes me want to knit some kind of shawl so I can wrap myself up in it.

Fiesta Boomerang in "Wild Oak" - Squish!

Chewy Spaghetti in "Boyish" - This is my first hank of CS and I am really amazed by the unique colors. There is nothing typical about any of the greens or blues in this yarn. They are deep and fabulous.

I also received some Blue Moon Socks that Rock in "Mist" that I picked up on the Destash board.

How about that. I finish a tedious knit and within moments have a lap full of gorgeous sock yarn. So you know what I did next!

I cast on for a scarf. Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style to be precise with Karabella Aurora 8 that I bought for it at least a year ago. But I did a lot of squishing and gazing at the new stuff throughout the day.


Becca said...

Gorgeous yarn! I've been eyeing that Wild Oak for a while. The CS is amazing, I can't wait to see how it knits up. Yay for FOs and new yarn.

Charity said...

Well done! I knew you could do it, and what a great reward for waiting!

Angelika said...

Yarn mail is always good. Can't wait to see them knitted up.

sophanne said...

I myself am in the "what next" mode after finishing the Central Park Hoodie. I have a feeling I'll start several things and then decide!

I love that scarf yarn. green is best.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Oh man, those sock yarns rock! I love the colors you choose, they are sooo me.;o) I think it's funnie you get all these fab yarns and you use an old yarn to cast on with!USE THE NEW STUFF!

Sarah said...

Just keep riding that high of finishing something! I LOVE the boomerang- it's so sproingy! Have fun with it!