Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Knitting too Late at Night

Monday, 2/12
10:00 pm - "I'll be right up hon, I have 2 rows of seed stitch left (on Wicked), then I want to bind-off."

Glance through directions... just says BO. How? Look further... oh, okay 1x1 rib BO. Now I'm a rather literal kinda gal (who is also involved in a TV mystery and starting to fall asleep) so I proceed with 1x1 rib as opposed to following seed stitch pattern which I'm sure is what they meant. Finish BO, weave in end.

11:00 pm - Whoa, not good! Way funky. (Note, this could have been caught after binding off the first half dozen stitches, but like I said, TV was involved.) It's getting late, the news has come on... I should go to bed. Can't. Undo, pick-up all stitches and proceed with proper seed stitch bind-off.

News is on... Plastic surgeons have come to the rescue of women who love high-heeled shoes with "foot-lifts" which re-pad the ball of the foot to extend their years of comfort in heels and cows in England are bathed in beer for more tasty, tender meat. Okay, not only do I not what to know these things but is this really news? Really? Oh yeah, and there were high speed pursuits in LA... again... of course.

Then, in some unexplainable yardage warp, this is what I end up with... about 1 inch of yarn where before I had 6. Hmmm... a good knitter would put this aside and deal with it properly tomorrow. Yep. But a determined, desperate knitter would tie on more yarn with a big ole' honkin' know and weave that sucker in. Guess which kind I am?

11:30 pm - Jay Leno comes on. I like Leno. I like Monday nights because he does "Headlines" which crack me up. This is bound to mean another hour of sitting here staring at the TV in a semi-coma messing up more knitting.

12:00 pm - Jay announces there will be no Headlines tonight so they can re-visit the Grammys... but before I can put away my knitting Nicholas Cage is out talking about his new movie. More comatose staring.

But that was last night. I just bound off the first sleeve of Wicked and I am not going to do the second tonight, but instead quickly run to bed before Leno appears on my TV.

Good Night!

BTW, This could be another lapse on my part but I ran into a problem with the sleeve stitch count on Wicked. I think they should be knit in multiples of 8 to accommodate the crossover repeats... but it is getting late so I may be wrong... maybe. Oh, and the knitted pocket is a way fun touch.


Lynda said...

LOL "staring at the TV, messing up more knitting..." yep, been there, done that. I NEVER trust myself to make knitting decisions or thinking late at night, I have enough trouble when I'm wide awake!

Your Wicked is going to be beautiful! I love the color.

Laura said...

Yes, your wicked is lovely! I try not to do any "attentive" knitting (as opposed to "mindless" knitting)after 10 p.m. I'm too likely to make mistakes if I do.

Shar said...

The curse of the late night knitting. I always make mistakes when I try to do it. Are you alternating the skeins as you knit? I love the pink.

I love a Good Yarn said...

Oh, Tammy, I can so very much relate to that sleeping, knitting, TV thing! I didn't know you did that too! I assumed you were always alert and motivated when knitting was involved. I guess you are human after all!

By the way, Wicked is Gorgeous! Really gorgeous! I love the sleeve and the pocket and want to see the whole thing.

Tammy said...

Thanks! I'm liking this sweater more and more as I go. Enough even to correct the little things!

Laura - Mindless, attentive... it doesn't matter... I still mess it up at night.

Shar - No, I haven't been alternating and have had no problems so far. I love the variations.

And Julie - you know me better than that! lol

Charity said...

This is looking so great! I can't knit right before bed - I make too many mistakes that I just can't tolerate! :0)