Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Lazy ADD Perfectionist

So what's more important? To do something right... or to just get it done?

I would have to say, "Yes"... and thus ensues the battle that is waged within me on a daily basis.

I want things to be perfect. I really do. I want to live in a well-organized, tidy home. I want my children dressed in clean, pressed clothes with neatly combed hair. I want to know where my car keys are at all times and never, ever have to look for lost mail. So far, my biggest success along these lines is learning to look past these details and not let them drive me crazy (most of the time). Because the truth is... none of these things will ever happen.

I actually don't think "lazy" is the right word. I'm not lazy... truth is, before I started to knit, I never sat down... I always had to be busy. I worked around the house all day and night 7 days a week. I was always busy doing "something" because I needed to be. Funny thing is, my house never looked any better and our clothes were still never ironed. I honestly don't know what I did all the time but I sure did look busy (everyone said so). So, again, for these reasons I don't think I'm lazy because the reality is I simply have no idea what to do with the stuff around the house except make stacks (which, yes, drive me nuts).

I am also driven by a strong need to get things done... checked off the list... and move on. So it is probably this drive that so often pushes me to rush to get a job done quickly instead of right.

So, when I knit, I am constantly battling these conflicting impulses. Does the finished product need to be flawless? Absolutely! Does it need to be done as soon as possible regardless of some shortcomings so I can move on? Definitely! I will frog back a whole sweater or weave back a couple dozen rows to fix one twisted stitch that nobody but me will ever notice. While the next day I'll accept a slightly crooked pocket misplaced on a great sweater so I can just get on with it. I know many people who can easily live with a slight knitting flaw and never look back. I, however, will be tormented by this pocket every single time I wear it... I was actually going to ask for your advice on my slightly off, floating pocket but just go ahead and say nice things... 'cause there's no chance of me changing it now.

Let me tell you... it's not easy being me!

On another note... I find something I want to knit in almost every Interweave Knits magazine but have yet to knit a single thing from it. What do you think of a KAL dedicated to IK in general encouraging members to get a project they love on the needles instead of merely day-dreaming about it until they're distracted by whatever new idea has come up?
ETA: Julie asked about the answers to last nights questions...
I did lengthen the body on Wicked, but the pocket will remain to give it that "charming" home-made look. As for the camera, if I had pictures, I would surely share them, but alas the Star Wars exhibit will have to live on in our memories.


Lynda said...

Your Wicked turned out beautifully. All the things you mentioned are things only you will notice. The fit is great!

The IW KAL is a great idea. My next 3 knits are out of IK issues!

Laura said...

It looks great to me. I can't see any pocket deficiencies - so always wear it with your "good side" facing everyone.

Michele said...

I agree with Lynda, your Wicked looks great. I just ordered the yarn for this, so hope mine looks as good as yours!

The KAL is a great idea and perfect timing, at least for me - I just pulled out all my issues two nights ago to FINALLY knit something from one of them! All my copies have marked patterns that I intend to knit, yet I've never actually cast on for any of them. Makes no sense!

amanda said...

Wicked looks great. I really want to start that one, but I've got to get some other WIPs done first. LOVE that color!

Charity said...

Tammy, I so hear your dilemma, I'm there quite often myself! :0) With Wicked, I don't see changes and problems, I just see how great you look! Can you refresh my memory - what yarn did you use for this?

Tammy said...

Thanks! I used the Artyarns Supermerino and LOVED it!