Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Quick Hello

Distractions have been many around here lately. The biggest distraction would be the flu induced groggy sleep that has occupied most of the last 4 days followed by the mountains, and yes, I do mean Mountains, of laundry that accumulates between 7 people over 5-6 days... especially when you add in the wardrobe changes for 4 boys who have now started baseball season on top of the last month or so of basketball. Which brings me to practices... between the 4 of them, we have a total of 6 baseball and 6 basketball practices per week. That would be 12 practices per week plus basketball games every other Saturday... all day. Baseball games will start in a few weeks and each team (3 between the 4 boys) will have 2 games per week. Is your head spinning yet? 'Cause mine sure is. Oh yeah, and there's the whole homeschooling thing too. Yeah, can't forget that... but apparently I can sleep through most of it pretty well. And the boys just love to repeatedly tell Dad how I slept all day when he gets home from work. Humph... we'll just see how they like walking to practice!

Speaking of practice, there are many "good mothers" out there who go to all their children's practices. I am not one of these. I really don't know how they find the time. I'm the mom in the parking lot slowing down my car and waving as the boys hop out. Daniel did have his very first baseball practice ever last Saturday so I made sure to be there for that... well, the last 15 minutes at least. Did I ever mention I bore easily? I mean I love my kids and I really like watching them play... for a little bit... once in a while. But practice hardly counts in my book and baseball games, often 2 or 3 in a row, that can last up to 3 hours each are a bit more than I can handle. Of course, I always bring knitting but when I have to keep constant watch on a 4 yo as well as the game, well, the phrase "slow, painful death" comes to mind. But really, I mean that in the kindest, most loving way.

I used to feel guilty but when I consider the many, many hours I enjoy with them reading, writing, re-learning Algebra, trekking through history, and assisting with Latin, I don't feel so bad. We all have our preferences.

Anyway, today brought a most welcome distraction...

My friend Lynda's daughter Kaity just opened a little shop featuring some of her yarns and knitting bags. When my order arrived this morning, I had to drop everything and cast-on. This picture really doesn't do the vibrant colors and subtle variations justice. (It's pale yellow in the middle, not white.)

And lurking in the back of my mind, is the distraction of a big sale at an LYS. I wonder if I have time while my son's at practice this afternoon? I wonder if I should bother... What would you do if you had a little over an hour to kill and there was a yarn sale a few miles away? Hmmmm??

ETA: I suppose I should've rethought the title... like I can say anything quickly. Ha.


Kaity said...

Whoa! You got that fast! I'm glad you like it!

Lynda said...

Hope you're all feeing better soon. I seem to be the last to get it at our house, so we're over the worst of it, too.

Nice yarn, heh heh!

Donna Boucher said...

That yarn is fabulous!!!!!
I'm going to see if there is any left!

It blows my mind to think of baseball season starting already!

It sure is hard when you still have a little one to chase...
I would be staying home a lot or getting a sitter for the young'n.