Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Would Tammy Do?

1. A pattern note (printed in red) says that I "can" do some blocking on a pocket before attaching to sweater to make it easier to "properly" seam down. Do I take the time to block at that point or figure it can all be blocked out in the end?

2. I take my boys to the Star Wars exhibit at the California Science Center for an IMAX movie and an opportunity to see original costumes, droids, weapons and technology from the 6 Star Wars movies. With 5 boys, this is no small event! Do you have any idea how many light sabers we own? So the question is... Do I take dozens of pictures of my boys with R2D2 and Darth Vader, or... do I forget my camera at home in my knitting basket?

3. After twice binding off the hem of Wicked, I realize that, while I LOVE the neck and sleeve... the sweater is just a bit shorter than I'd like. Do I rip out the binding again and add length, or leave it alone figuring it can be lengthened with blocking in the end?

4. Without giving too much away, if I were to lengthen Wicked, would I remove the pocket to place it properly along the bottom seed border, or leave it alone and figure most people who see me will never know where the pocket was supposed to be anyway?

5. Along the same line, if I were to notice upon completion that, for some reason, the pocket is a wee bit crooked, do I attempt drastic measures to fix it, or figure it will all block out in the end and get on with my life?

Wicked pictures tomorrow! Yippee!


Lynda said...

Oh my gosh - we must be twins, because I would say/do, have done, and will do the exact same things.

Shar said...

The only thing I would do, is add lenght. The rest would not bother me, but I can't stand it when a sweater is too short. I find myself constantly pulling it down. However, I'll stay tuned to see what Tammy did.

Donna Boucher said...

Do you sleep at all?

You must knit so that it is aerobic, Tammy.

That is how you keep your girlish figure.

Chasing boys and aerobic knitting!