Saturday, February 10, 2007

No More Excuses!

Today was not a normal Saturday. The boys were off playing basketball and my other plans fell through, so it was just JoJo and me for the day. Any other day of my life, I would've been totally content to hang out at home, but today was different... today I wanted to get out. What does one do when one wants to "get out" I wondered. I didn't really know because, truth is, I'm a major homebody. Well... it was me... and a 4 year old... hmmm... what were we to do? We could go to a park. JoJo would like that... or... even better... we could get in the car and drive 45 miles to a well-known, yet not very LYS! But of course!

The shop is well-known due to it's owner's book Knit 2 Together, but here you can see my main motivation for taking the trip. On that wall, the one behind my son who is pouting over the momentary halt to his video game and obviously unaware that he is practically in heaven... on that wall, hanging in multi-colored rows... is Koigu my friends. KOI - GU!! Now to some of you this may be no biggy, but having only heard of it's fibery goodness and never actually seen nor felt it before, I was overwhelmed with delight. (If he was a bit taller or could've subtly stood on that chair, you could see the upper rows too, but you know I would've looked silly snapping the shot without a child in the picture!)

Now, obviously, one doesn't drive 45 miles to a non-LYS only to return empty handed. As JoJo would say, "No way, Jose!" This was a field trip, worthy in all ways of at least a couple of souvenirs.

So first we have some Koigu KPPPM socks and Koigu Kersti mitts.

And here you can see the lovely IK Clementine Shawlette made of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk resting on top of a more-than-slightly overpriced (but very cute) cotton "project bag". I think the Shawlette just needs a good blocking, don't you?

At any rate, I had a fabu day and it was totally worth the $6.98 for the new Power Ranger that we picked up for JoJo for not touching any yarn for a whole hour!

And just to make it official... Stick a fork in me because I'm done! The sidebar button has been revised, I'm a free woman and I'll knit from my stash - no, my "collection", when I feel like it. So I am going to enjoy the moment... because I have a feeling that when my husband balances the checkbook, the moment will be gone.


Wendy said...

And why didn't you call me!? Girlfriend and I were alone all day...

stitchywitch said...

Ooh... that yarn is going to be so pretty as the shawlette! I'm thinking that I would like mine to be a pale blue. Isn't that yarn wonderful? I had to hold myself back from buying some at the LYS yesterday!

Tammy said...

Oh Wendy! I wish I had... that would've made the day perfect! We really need to get better at coordinating these non-LYS events.

And Stitchywitch, yes the yarn is Wonderful!! I wasn't in a holding back mood today. :)