Monday, February 05, 2007

On Hormones and Heights

I find that hormones are playing a more and more significant role in my overall (at least my monthly) behavior these days. Aside from a mild tendency to yell at bit... which actually makes a couple of my children laugh when I get going (mainly because when I start yelling about commas, they know I've lost it), I suffer extreme knitting mood swings as well.

I either decide I hate everything I'm knitting, cast on for something new, decide I absolutely must purchase yarn for a new pattern, or I determine in a very possessed, sort of maniacal way that I must finish something TODAY!

Such was my mindset as I sipped/gulped my Venti Iced Mocha this morning. I pulled out the Silk Garden Mondo Cable Vest because I figured it had the best chance of getting finished. Then I proceeded to knit through 4 yo games, math, writing, reading, and Latin questions (which I couldn't answer - my 12 yo is taking a high school Latin class and getting an A. Me - I can say "Hola" after 3 years of high school Spanish). Fortunately the older boys didn't need me too much today... then again, I wonder why that was... maybe I should take a closer look at what they did.

Anyway, since I have a school computer sitting on my kitchen table for some work I had to do for them, I am now blocking Mondo Cable in the middle of my living room floor. Yep, we are literally going to watch my vest dry as we watch 24 & Prison Break tonight. (I'm bummed that we're going to miss the new show, Rules of Engagement as it looks very funny, but with Lost and Survivor returning this week, I'm pretty much in TV bliss.)

I've been in such a frenzy that I totally overlooked the whole dinner thing... then, since we were out of dog food (and clearly I couldn't be interrupted with such trivial things as running out to the store for dog food), I fed the dogs our leftover beef stew from last night. It wasn't until I was opening some chips and guacamole, and the kids were making hot dogs that it occurred to me that we could've eaten the leftover stew. Hmmm...

As for heights (or in this case depth), Donna shared the following photo on her blog this morning and it's tormented me all day. I could never live near this... it would be like a giant magnet to me. I'm sure I'd accidentally drive into it. I can't ride my mountain bike on a trail along aside a ditch or between 2 fence posts without crashing. I once rode a motorcycle into a large solitary rock sitting in the middle of a huge open field. I'm telling you, it was like a magnet! (Click on the picture to read more about it.)

Okay, now I gotta go, my 9 yo just made me a quesadilla (yes, I'm spoiled) and then maybe I can finish my scarf (ha) before Prison Break comes on and Wicked knitting begins (recovering from a serious set-back on this one... waist shaping... I don't know why I add waist shaping to anything... wishful thinking I guess).

BTW - why won't the new blogger remember me?? Are you all having this problem? Argh!

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Donna Boucher said...

"I'm sure I'd accidentally drive into it."

You're hilarious!
And my friend Lynn is worried her children will fall into it!

And YES! I had the new comment feature with the new blogger. I am constantly messing it up.

I want everyone to get Haloscan like me.

Hate having to retype and go away from the page again and again.