Friday, February 23, 2007

Where's the Camera When I Need It??

I'm tired. I'm tired from being sick, from the week in general and from just thinking about tomorrow (6 out of area basketball games and 2 family birthdays). But I was just totally renewed by a quick, simple moment in time with my boys. I was dropping my 7 yo off for his 2nd baseball practice along with his slightly (well, okay, a little more than slightly) reluctant 14 yo brother who was going to help with the practice. Now, I guess you'd really need to know my boys to appreciate this... but my 14 yo has always got it "goin' on"... right clothes, right hat, right gear, cool stride, etc. And my 7 yo, well, he just lives life in the moment... he has a carefree spirit, his own style, his favorite comfortable clothes (including a corduroy jacket that big brother insisted he remove before practice), and, for the most part, a complete lack of awareness of anything going on around him.

As I watched my oldest saunter down the path, headed for business... my heart melted at the sight of my dear Daniel scampering behind him, swinging his well worn glove and wearing some over-sized, hand-me-down baseball pants with a huge tag hanging out of his t-shirt. It was just one of those blissful mommy moments (and not just because I didn't have to go sit in the "cold" during practice... they were just so darn cute). I just wish they knew how lucky they are to have each other, and their other brothers, 'cause in spite of all the fighting, it just doesn't get much better than baseball with your teenage brother.

Anyway, as for knitting, yeah that's happening too... here and there. Several projects... a little bit of progress on each. Actually, I'm close to being done with Flair (and loving it) and inching along on Clementine.

The Clementine pattern has turned out to be fairly memorable pattern that is not requiring too much concentration making it a great carry-along knit (but I doubt it will bode well for watching basketball tomorrow). These are the type of things I worry about... what will I knit during 6 basketball games and 2 hours of travel time. Yeah, this is the type of thing I'll be pondering as I fall asleep tonight.


Lynda said...

Tammy - that's beautiful! I'm getting anxious to start mine!

Charity said...

I love the Clementine! I had yarn in my shopping cart, but I resisted! :0) One day soon, though! :0)