Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Messy Homes, Tidy Yarn and Lace Style

I'm not very good at housework. I'll just be up front with that right now. I have lots of piles of stuff scattered about that I truly just don't know where to put and then there's the constant dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc that needs to be done. (Not that I do all these things on a regular basis... it's just that they need to be done.) And Laundry... that could be a full time job itself. It could be that I'm a bit lazy, or, let's say, just more interested in doing other things (cough - knitting)... but it's also due the fact that, as I've mentioned before, we live in a very small house for 7 people... very. Add to that the fact that I homeschool so 6 of us are home most of the time sharing one small living room that becomes cluttered as soon as we all walk in there.

(I won't even go into the insanity this clutter imposes when your 9 yo announces at 8:00 PM that his snake is missing because he forgot to put the lid back on the cage 12 hours earlier.)

However, in the midst of toys I don't know where to put, books that are scattered about, clothes that fall in between sizes which need to go somewhere, and whatever the 4 yo has dragged into the room, I have my yarn sanctuary. Neat and tidy drawers and bins of yarn.

I got up early this morning intending to tackle some laundry, bathrooms, and attempt a search for my desktop under all the papers. As I was cleaning, I came across a few stray balls of yarn... they needed a home. Whoa, the yarn drawers are getting a bit unruly. Hmmm... well an hour and a half later, my yarn bins have been completely re-sorted and all my yarn is neatly stored as it should be.

Just think if I could figure out how to do this with the rest of my house! Toy cars would be with other toy cars, legos with legos... Heck, I'd settle for clean clothes in drawers, books on the bookshelves and snakes in cages. Maybe I can start pretending that everything is yarn...

Anyway, on to my next review... Lace Style

Love it. Just like Scarf Style and Wrap Style, it's a must for any knitter's bookshelf. While I'm less likely to knit as many of the items from it as from Scarf Style, I still gotta have it. And if you're picturing a book called Lace Style to be full of shawls and delicate, lacey wraps, you can forget that image right now. This book has a beautiful collection of patterns featuring lace used in a variety of ways... socks, tanks, sweaters, even jackets. As a matter of fact, I think there is only one actual shawl (and gorgeous it is too).

There are a couple of things I am likely to knit, including...

Many of things that I would love to knit if I were a bit younger, thinner, hipper, etc...

And 1 or 2 things that, well, hmmm... If you knit this, please, you must let me know.

Oh, and as for the snake... Apparently it was lucky for me that it was too cold for it to have travelled far so Hubby was able to find it without too much effort (once he got out of the shower... and the kids had torn apart half of their room... and I was paralyzed on the couch trying to figure out where I was spending the night). Yeah, that's how I felt... lucky.


Laura said...

There are a coople of lace books on my wish list, but I don't think I'd seen this one. I'm glad you reviewed it!

Laura said...

That word would be "couple," not "coople." I'm still working on my first cup of coffee, but I should be awake enough to spell correctly - SHEESH!

amanda said...

Thanks for the pics from Lace Style. I love those sleeveless knits!