Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Can You Guess Who?

So last night while I was knitting away on Montego Bay, I did some TV viewing as well. Have you seen the new show, The Singing Bee? We watched the first one just to see how lame such a show could possibly be... and while it is fairly lame... I do have fun trying to sing along. I also find great comfort in learning that there's a whole world full of people out there who can't sing either.

Then we had the great disappointment of realizing that Pirate Master, Mark Burnett's Survivor-with-a-Pirate-twist, had been cancelled mid-season. With all the really shameless reality shows on TV, I was surprised that they would cancel one mid-season. True, it wasn't what I'd call captivating... or even good, but my 8 yo loved it. The remaining episodes are playing on so he got to skim through that and tell us who was cast-off.

I was up late enough to see Rob Schneider as Lindsey Lohan, who had apparently needed to cancel at the last minute (what a surprise), on the Tonight Show... and even some Conan O'Brien who tends to make me laugh in spite of myself.

But in between I watched some of a TV series I rented on DVD.

Who is that fine gentleman walking down the street...

and sipping tea in bed?

That should help.

Can you name the actor? How about the TV series... can you name the TV series too? There's a prize in it for you if you can!! Maybe, hmmm, sock yarn.

ETA: Uberstrickenfrau was right on. It's Hugh Laurie in Jeeves & Wooster. An old British TV series in which he plays a rather foolish, hopeless man of wealth who is often rescued from his foibles by his butler Jeeves (Stephen Fry). It's especially enjoyable because the character is so different from Dr. House, yet the expressions and mannerisms are so much the same... only silly instead of sarcastic.

And yes, DH is well aware of my House crush... but knows the two of us wouldn't last an hour in the same room together... plus, you know, the whole fictional character thing is a problem.


lynda said...

ahh, isn't that the lovely Hugh Laurie from House?

uberstrickenfrau said...

I LOVE that guy!!! And he was in Jeeves and Wooster, right? I use to watch it. And PLEASE help your self to any buttons on my blog you want!!! And BTY, Steven Fry starred with Hugh.

Donna Boucher said...

Laurie was also in Stuart Little (as the dad) and Sense and Sensibiltiy!!!

He says the American accent is hard work :o)