Monday, July 16, 2007


As I mentioned previously, I've been doing a bit of de-stashing. Nothing major... just some yarn and knitting books that I haven't used or know I won't.

Next comes the fun part... reinvesting!

From Knit Picks...

Obviously the circulars are for keeping as many pairs of socks going at one time as I can... but the book, well, that's a little harder to explain. I love books. A lot. And I just did something I never, ever do... I cleaned off my shelves and parted with many books, let alone the knitting ones, because I had just run out of room. (And books are a lot harder to stuff into corners than yarn... I've tried.) I don't really understand my attachment to books, especially ones I've read, but it is almost impossible for me to get rid of a book.

Yarn is actually easier for me to part with... especially the impulse yarn, the you-know-you're never-really-gonna-knit-it yarn, the yarn that I have way too much of (unless it's Blue Sky Cotton... I'm hanging on to that). But I have 20 year old books on my shelves that I've never read, yet I hang on... you never know... some day I may. A $6.99 paperback can feel safe and secure in my home knowing it has a place to rest for life and will not even suffer the abuse of dog-eared pages.

Anyway, back to the book. I'm trying to be wiser in my book purchases (I'm a painfully slow learner) and am patiently awaiting the release of several knitting books this fall. For starters... Indigo Knits, Bag Style, The Best of Interweave Knits, and Knitting Circles Around Socks.

Additionally, Old Navy meets Victorian Lace just doesn't sound like a hit. While I do like to knit lace (just ask Clementine or Montego Bay... if you can find them), I will readily admit, that a book called Victorian Lace Today never even caused a stir in me before. Before, that is, I bought those 2 hanks of Malabrigo Lace, saw an Alpine Knit Scarf (pictured below with sticky pirate guys), and Knit Picks offered 40% off all their books. I can hardly wait to start! (But I'm thinking I need to finish at least one other lacey scarf first... hmmmm...)

But my biggest surprise is how much I love this book... at least what I've seen of it so far since above mentioned pirate stickers required most of my attention. Not only does it feature beautiful patterns, but it also has gorgeous pictures and an interesting history of Victorian lace knitting and the rise of knitting as a popular hobby. It would make a great coffee table book even if I didn't knit a thing out of it!

Today's mail also brought this little Allhemp6 Perfect Purse kit from Lana Knits. I got to pick my own colors (did I ever mention what a difficult time I have making decisions?) and it came packaged in this cute little canvas project bag. I can't wait to get started! (Hmmm... that sounds familiar.)

Finally, I managed to get started on Meida's socks last night. I'm in love... totally and completely... with the yarn (Dream in Color) and the pattern... ooooohh the pattern. <3

Today I actually had to do some housework and laundry (hate that), take a child to the doctor, and cook dinner (my DH mentioned that he would like it if I did this more often - go figure) so I didn't get much knitting time yet.

Speaking of DH, he had a nasty staph infection that turned out to be a particularly antibiotic resistant strain. In addition to the mega doses of antibiotics that they already gave him, they have now had to start him on a 6 month treatment plan to destroy the bacteria. Son #2 had a slightly suspicious pimple/infection pop up on his nose so the doc wanted to see him too. Even though it's probably only a pimple, the good doctor wanted to take preventative measures and gave him a special antibiotic cream. Very scary... maybe a handknit sock will make them feel better... ya think?


Michelle said...

What great goodies you got! If I had an unlimited income, I'd hire a housekeeper, a cook, and someone to finish knitting my projects so I could keep starting new ones.

Your DH and son will be in my prayers!

amanda said...

Hope your DH is OK. My mom had a horrible staph infection last year after having some minor surgery. She was on IV antibiotics for 6 months and ended up with 2 abcesses (sp?) on her spine, which needed surgery. Watch him closely!!

uberstrickenfrau said...

Wow. I didn't know strep was so dangerous. Hope everything gets healed up. Love the sock, even the color is awesome.

sarah said...

Good for you for clearing out some clutter! I feel the exact same way towards books; I loathe to part with them (they just seem so. . .enduring), but I'm thinking about doing it anyway! Thanks for the encouragement!

5elementknitr said...

That IS scary! My husband had viral meningitis early last year! Too scary!

Got the package! In LOVE! I don't know how you were able to give that up, but I'm glad you did!


Wendy said...

That Lana Knits kit. Wow! Where'd you find that?

Oh, and as far as the infection goes, maybe start to knit with certain yarns, the ones they claim are "naturally antibacterial"? . . .

Tammy said...

I ordered the purse kit straight from Lana Knits.