Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Well, at least I've gotten something done. I'm not sure if they make a great match... but ends were woven in so I at least feel like I've finished something. But no second sock syndrome on these two. I know their mates will be quick to follow because... (1) I'm anxious to finish the last 86 pages of The Brother Karamazov and the Somerset shortie will be knit along the way, and (2) I'm already halfway through the second Ms. Wavy and I am suddenly in desperate need of my size 0 circulars for a little early b-day gift my mom gave me today...

Yarn Pirate sock yarn in their "One Planet" colorway, dyed especially for One Planet Yarn and Fiber. When I saw it on their website, it was love at first sight... my favorite colors all wrapped up in a yarn I've been dying to try. What a great mom... she knows me so well! (I may have dropped a few subtle hints and sent an e-mail or two her way, but buying it was all her idea!)

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Angelika said...

I guess that proofs that you know each other well enough for manipulation to get what you want. You got the socksyarn you wanted and she made you happy. Who gets to keep the socks afterwards?