Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just So You Know...

Oxy Maximum (the acne medicine) is a bleach.

Exhibit A:
The other night, right before I went to bed, I tossed my freshly laundered Debbie Bliss Diagonal Front Jacket in the dryer for a couple of minutes before I laid it out to dry. Jump ahead 24 hours... I notice last night as I'm straightening it out because it had been slightly shifted/dumped from it's resting place by some boy creature, that there were several... this is hard for me... but there were several bleached out spots on my sweater.

The sweater that I knit out of 1600 yards of DK weight 100% cotton... the sweater that almost did me in... the sweater that was the world's most painful, boring knit imaginable, but, in the end, worth every minute of it. (The sweater, I might also add, that will apparently be dry sometime next week.)

How was this possible? It was washed gently in cold water with like colors and everything else is fine.

Exhibit B:
The washcloth I used last night right before I went to bed has bizarrely been extensively bleached out in places while I slept.

What?? Being a sharp cookie, I realize immediately that something is up. But, what could these two things have in common? OXY!

Exhibit C:
I grab the bottle and with some squinting and arm exercises I am able to make out under "Warnings" in itty-bitty writing clearly intended for healthy teenage eyes (and, yes, I am relieved to have 2 teenagers in the house upon which to blame the presence of Oxy in my house at all), "This product may bleach hair or dyed fabrics." (Geesh - as if the POUSs* weren't bad enough.)

So now you know. And I will lurk forward in my day which will most definitely include a visit to Starbucks and, quite possibly, an impulsive and unnecessary yarn purchase.

*Pimple of Unusual Size


I love a Good Yarn said...

This just couldn't have happened in reality. You must have dreamed these events because they are simultaneaously too incredible and too sad. Wake up and tell me it wasn't real?!

amanda said...

I've been there. Anything with Benzoyl peroxide will bleach. I have lovely blue sheets that have pink pillow cases now. I only wear white shirts to sleep in. I've lost many t's and tanks until I realized that it wasn't bleach creeping into the washing machine!!

I use a medicated cream every day, so I have gotten used to being very careful when putting shirts on, and making sure i wash my hands after I apply it. sucks, doesnt it!!

Laura said...

That's horrible! Can you dye your sweater?

Donna Boucher said...

I'm so sorry! That is just tragic!
Why does it have to happen to a favorite???

You have my sympathies.

~Kristie said...

OH NO!! You must have had a pit in your stomach when you realized what had happened. I had something similar happen when I was using some prescription medication on my face awhile ago, although it only ruined a pillowcase, not a beautiful handknit.

My heart goes out to you!!