Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Almost Forgot...

I already am knitting a shawl... the IK Clementine Shawlette! Maybe I'll be ready for Mexico after all.

I was even able to complete a couple of inches today while we sat around different doctor offices waiting for this...
The recent birthday boy broke his thumb at baseball practice last night. This means he doesn't get to play in his big year-end basketball tournament in 2 weeks. We are all sad. :(

Then I noticed this... a mistake. The horrible little perfectionist demon within me is trying to taunt me with these mistaken stitches... but I'm holding strong... I. will. not. frog. (But I will always, always know they are there.)

I'll also have you know that in a burst of blind determination, I even printed out the Passport forms this morning! Yep, a partial shawl and passport forms... I'm gettin' things rolling now!


Wendy said...

When you're wearing it, just do the ever-popular bob and weave move when someone is looking in the general direction of the mistake. I promise, no one will notice. Just make sure you're wearing shiny shoes.

Charity said...

Woo Hoo, look at you go! :0)

Laura said...

No one will notice your mistake.

I found one in the front of my cabaret raglan, and I am going to frog it - after I finish the sleeves. The mistake is only about 10 rows down, and since they are decreasing rows, I figure it's not that many stitches to re-do.

Donna Boucher said...

I am so sorry to hear about the broken thumb :o(

No one will notice!

Be like the Amish.

They always have a mistake in their quilts...because only God is perfect.'s that for glass full advice :o)

p.s. There is a link in my comments to the offical government website that tells about knitting needles on airplanes.
You might like to see that!