Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I'm supposed to go there... soon. (It might be helpful to know that I do not travel well. At all.) I've known about the trip for some time but the people who love me and are taking me have recently felt it necessary to awaken me from my blissful state of Denial with mention of passports.

Passports... I know we need them. I've known all along we would need them. I also remember making it very clear to my loving DH & mom that if they were going to drag, er I mean take me on this trip, they would need to handle all of the details. All of them. Because I would be in Denial until the actual week of the trip at which time I would snap to life in a major swirl of panic and packing.

Well, this weekend, they said it... Passports. Both of them, at different times, looked at me and said it.

Taking a deep breath (lots of them actually) I began to look into it and quickly found that we are now in the need-to-get-it-expedited time frame which is going to require even more effort. Are they really waiting for me to do this? Don't they know better? Do they know that I've barely slept since I typed "passport" into my search engine Sunday night? (Well, I guess, now they probably do.)

So as I lay awake churning with anxiety, desperately seeking for a way to deal with all this... some way back to Denial... (did I mention I don't travel well)... it occurs to me...

I need to knit vacation wear for Mexico! A cute strappy tank... that's what I need! The kind I'll never wear! I was even about to order yarn this morning when I chose to make a quick escape to the LYS where Wendy was good enough to offer some words of wisdom on the particular tank I was considering and saggy you-knows. This was before she proceeded into a series of tales of her unfortunate adventures in Mexico... which, while not encouraging, did make me laugh. A lot. (She really is great... and yes I feel very lucky to get to hear her great tales across the LYS table.)

Besides, I realize, what I really need is a shrug. No, wait... a shawl! Yes, one to keep the evening chill off. One that will fly off my needles in the next few weeks. (Doesn't this gal look happy in Mexico... in her shawl? See?)

And really, who has time to deal with passports when their busy with vacation knitting?


Lynda said...

Funny you should mention passports - Kaity and I just got ours in the mail yesterday! The whole passport thing was easy and painless, not cheap, but easy... Mine had expired, and Kaity has never had one... but we could do it all here in town!

Donna Boucher said...

Mine came on Saturday.
It is a new and fancy passport.
With lots of pictures.
Now I can go anywhere my little heart desires for ten more years.

The worst part of passport getting...is the waiting.

My parents loved Acapulco!!!

We will all pray for you as you travel...perhaps that will help.

amanda said...

You are so funny. I love reading your stuff. Good luck with the travel plans. Speaking of, I know you mentioned meeting up at a LYS while I'm in LA. I'll only be there a few days and probably won't venture much out of downtown. What LYS is your regular one? What is the 'best' one?

Laura said...

Tammy, you and I could be sisters under the skin! We have to go to Mexico next month, and because I don't want to go, I've dragged my feet on getting a passport. Then I had to pay extra to expedite, and now I'm taking our wills to a lawyer here in town to update them. (We're going to Cancun, and Steve thinks I am acting nuts, but I'm not crazy about flying, and I'm not a beach person, nor a resort person, and I think if all I'm going to do for 4 days is read and knit, then I could do it anywhere.) I'll be praying for you! And what needles will you take with you? I'm wondering if they'll let ne take my knitting with me on an international flight? If I couldn't knit while we fly I think I'd go nuts. Maybe I'd better learn to crochet and bring a crochet hook with me just in case they take my knitting needles....

Charity said...

We were just discussing passports the other day... it's such a drama these days, I don't even want to think about it. :0)

How about a One Skein Wonder for your trip?

Stephanie said...

Hello, I just wanted to say hello. I have been reading your blog for a while now and haven't ever commented. Actually I read alot of blogs, but this is the first commented I have ever left. I love your projects!! You make me want to knit them all even though I have never made anything that isn't rectangular, unless you count the mis-shapen mittens I made. Im sure i will get better with time. Keep on inspiring me!